In this article you can read how to set and change a qualification in a Dynamic Purchase System (DPS) at registration and at an already submitted registration.


Setting a qualification

You are logged into a Dynamic Purchase System and click on Start to start filling in the questionnaire(s).

  • At the bottom of the questionnaire(s) you will find a line Select Qualification and click on it. You will then see an overview of the qualifications from which DPS questions arise.
  • Select the qualification(s) of your preferred field and click on Save.

When you have finished filling in, submit your application. After you have received a confirmation of admission from the client, you will now be eligible to receive e-mails from the qualifications you have submitted.


Change Qualification

If you wish to adjust or change the qualification and you have already submitted in the Dynamic Purchase System, you can do so in the following way.

  • Open the DAS and navigate to tab 3, Submitted
  • You will see that the Submitted button has changed to Unsubmit, click on it and the request is editable.
  • Go to tab 2, Complete and Submit only at Select Qualification and save your qualification(s).
  • When you have finished, you will need to submit the request again by clicking Submit.



Please note:

A DPS is a continuous system where you have the possibility to edit the request by withdrawing it. If you do not have the possibility to withdraw, the buyer has locked your request. In this case, please contact the purchaser. He can unlock your request again.

As long as the Dynamic Purchase System has been revoked, you will not receive notifications of further withdrawal requests.