17 December 2018

This past weekend there has been another update on Negometrix3. The focus this time was mostly on small improvements and solving issues. Below the items are sorted by user type.

For all users:

  • Registration: The registration form for new companies on Negometrix3 has been renewed. 
  • Messages: From now on messages can be linkes to lots again.

For suppliers:

  • Published tenders: Problems with the country filter have been solved.

For buyers:

  • Messages: In the preview of invitations the problems have been solved where the subject was shown in different languages.
  • Documents: Problems solved where a buyer could not delete a document uploaded by a different colleague.
  • Exports: The export of all colleagues now includes the rights per colleague.
  • Exports: There are two new fields in the report manager (contract ID and contract status).
  • Evaluate: It is now possible to mark the motivation for a scoring as mandatory for evaluators (per question).
  • Planning: Problems solved where double dates appeared in a planned tender. 
  • Planning: Phases of a procedure are now correctly shown as a phase in edit mode.
  • Planning: Problems solved where the order of the phases was not shown correctly,
  • Cancel tender: When a tender is cancelled the tender summary will appear directly.
  • Compare & Select: New icons for locking and unlocking in the verification phase.
  • Approval & Publication: Problems with the approval of multiple people solved.

12 november 2018

Over the past weekend there has been another update on the Negometrix3 platform. The most important changes are the visibility of the version number as well as the new filter on the page for published tenders. Furthermore there have been numerous small improvements. In this release note all items are sorted by type of user.

Introduction name and logo Negometrix3
The platform that you know and use as Negometrix now has a version number: Negometrix3.
You will notice that number on different spots in the software behind the familiar notifications that you receive.
The introduction of this addition to the name Negometrix improves the identification of the product for you as a user in regards to the current and future range of products that Negometrix offers.
Negometrix3 is the third version of the software since its establishment in the year 2000.

The most important items:

  • Published tenders overview: A new filter lets users in the Netherlands only see tenders from the Netherlands and Germany. 
  • Market consultation in F01 form (buyers): There is a new field added for the market consultation. After publication the Participate button can easily be activated. For suppliers this is also easier to find on e.g. TenderNed.
  • Question & Answer (buyers): A few improvements in the filters, the deletion of multiple answers in 'Ready for publication' and the daily digest regarding changes in drafted answers of colleagues.

All improvements in this release sorted by user type:

For all users

  • Messages: Problems with double-clicks on the send button have been solved.
  • Messages: Problems with the deletion of documents in draft messages have been solved.
  • CPV-codes: Typo in one of the codes has been adjusted.
  • Documents: It is now possible to upload multiple documents at once.
  • Exports: Problems solved where the language of the export was not the same as set in the profile of user.
  • Interface: Auto-complete dropdown-fields are replaced with a new version.
  • Interface: Problems with the info button at different spots in the software have been solved.
  • Negometrix3: Branding added in the software.
  • Planning: A phase in the planning can now also have the same date, only the time must differ (beginning and ending).
  • Profiel: Has a profile been blocked because of too many failed login attempts? The user now receives an email to reactivate the profile.
  • Surveys: E-mail addresses in the text are now active to click on.

For buyers

  • Manage evaluators: When the buyer wants to delete an evaluator, there's now a warning showing up that the evaluations of the user will be deleted as well.
  • Messages: Problems with sending messages to non-public profiles have been solved.
  • CPV-codes: The right to set these up has been removed. The tab has already been removed from the company profil in the past.
  • Participants: When a lead buyer adds another buying organization the screen will automatically redirect them to setting the rights of the user.
  • Documents: In a qualification system the folder is not called offer phase but selection phase.
  • Evaluate: When someone evaluates anonymously per offer the offer ID is visible.
  • Evaluate: Error notifications are resolved for viewing the evaluations of the selection phase.
  • Evaluate: Problems with deleting documents in the summarizing comment have been solved. 
  • Evaluate: Problems with the visibility of the save-button have been solved.
  • Exports: Price of the awarded company is now always shown in the export of the tender overview. Except when there is more than one pricelist.
  • Exports: Registry number of participants added to participating suppliers in the Excel-export.
  • Archived tenders: Sorting by lead buyer is possible again.
  • Interface: The save and edit button is placed more consistently throughout the platform. 
  • Qualifications: Text now is always the same color, with or without explanation.
  • Lots: When a main tender is leading during the selection phase it is no longer possible to to create a survey or pricelist for the selectionphase in the lots.
  • Planning: In planned tenders the problems with double dates have been solved.
  • Planning:  A phase can now easier be converted into a date and vice versa.
  • Pricelists: It is now allowed to use an apostrophe in the title.
  • Procedure: The price evaluation phase is now no longer available as an option in regards to a qualification system.
  • Procedure: View and edit modus are now the same.
  • Reportmanger: Filters now also work with decimals.
  • Reportmanger: Problems solved with combining filters with the option for archived tenders and contracts checkbox.
  • Reportmanger: Two new fields: start date offer phase and publication date on Negometrix.
  • Template from tender: The deselection of buying colleagues no longer leads to instant saving of the template.
  • Templates: Inactive and deleted colleagues are now no longer visible in the overview of assigned colleagues.
  • Templates: Assignment of colleagues works now with an auto-complete instead of a checkbox.
  • Templates: Assign colleagues to question groups is now possible.
  • Templates: Assign colleagues now always in alphabetical order (surname).
  •  Invitations and messages for awarding decisions: Subject of the mail is now visible and editable in the preview.
  • Compare & Select qualification system: An empty digital ESPD is now shown clearer.
  • Compare & Select: Template messages are now available for approving and rejecting in the verification phase.
  • Compare & Select: Problems solves with prices 0.01 and no prices.
  • Question & Answer: When a colleague edits a concept answer this will be part of the Daily Digest of the Lead Buyer.
  • Question & Answer: It is now possible to delete multiple questions 'Ready for publication' at once.
  • Question & AnswerStatus: Filter expanded with Ready for publication.
  • Question & Answer: Problems with visibility of new questions solved.
  • Question & AnswerWhen two colleagues in one tender are allowed to publish questions it now no longer relevant who marked the question as ready for publication. Both can edit and publish the question.
  • Surveys: Search and replace now works also in the comments.

For public buyers

  • F01 form: A mandatory field that wasn't mandatory now is shown as such.
  • F01 form: There is a new field for a market consultation.
  • Publicationform: Language choice is now available in all forms.
  • Publicationform:A semicolon (;) is now no longer allowed in the title.
  • Publicationform: The PDF export is now only possible to be made from the last version of publication forms.
  • Export: Problems solved regarding the content of the purchasing policy.

For contract managers

  • Contracts: When there's a combination of visible-as and mandatory field, there is no longer a validation error. 
  • Contracts: During the creation of a contract there is not automatically a template chosen.
  • Reminders: Inactive profiles are no longer shown during the editing. 
  • Interface: Deleting multiple contracts at the same time now comes with a progress bar.
  • Frame contracts: Double contract numbers are no longer possible.
  • Templates: The contract manger can now change the order of the templates.

For Tender Start Form managers

  • Messages: The cancelling and choosing a template sometimes did not work, these issues have been solved.
  • Create tender: When a user is allowed to view a form and create tenders, the user can do this now from the form itself.
  • Overview: The order of the start forms is now always with the latest at the top.
  • Workflow: Linking a form to a tender is now also possible from the tender. The Lead Buyer who does this has to be assigned the purchasing request.

For suppliers

  • Administrators: When an administrator wants to start in a tender with filling out the survey, they can also in this way become participant in the tender.
  • Export: New export for exporting all tenders.
  • Information: Euro sign exchanged with a new icon.
  • Published tenders: A new filter shows to users in the Netherlands only tenders in the Netherlands and Germany anymore. The filters can be adjusted by the user in saved in the profile.
  • KO status: weergave verbeterd in de interface. View improved in the interface.
  • Profile: A redundant choice in the notification settings has been removed.

20 August 2018

Last weekend, Negometrix was updated. A number of improvements and new items have been added, which are sorted by user type in this Release Note. 

As introduction the most important items:

  • Evaluate: In the overview of the evaluators' progress you as the lead buyer can send a reminder to your evaluators to notify them that they can begin with their evaluation.
  • Planning: There are now phases visible in the planning that weren't before. That is the preparation (hidden for suppliers) and evaluation phase (Selection, Offer as well as BAFO-phase). Furthermore verification phases got an ending date in the planning. Before that these dates were only visible in the yellow bar above the tender.
  • Specific data: There is a new field available to build your own data fields: the enumeration.

For suppliers 

  • Start-buttonWhen an admin wants to start filling out the survey they can directly add themselves as participant in the tender.

For Buyers

  • Inviting suppliers: Issues solved for accepting an invitation sent to an email address if this had also received an (already expired) invitation in the profile.
  • Securtiy: Miscellaneous improvements in the background.
  • CPV-CodesNew partition of main and sub-CPV-Codes which will also be copied as such in the publication form.
  • Participants: Unless they are an admin a contact person of a second buying organisation cannot add colleagues if they do not have the right to.
  • Evaluate: In the evaluation by offer the column with score is now no longer visible when there is a survey without weighting. 
  • EvaluateIn the tab Evaluate quality the offers are now in alphabetical order except for anonymous offers and when it concerns an ongoing selection phase or qualification system. 
  • EvaluateSend a reminder to evaluators so they can begin with the evaluations.
  • Exports: The submission date and time have been added to the export of all qualifications.
  • Exports: It is visible in the export of planned tenders when one has not been published in the end.
  • Archived tenders: now also visible in the public company profile
  • Archived tenders: In the overview it is indicated when it was just a test tender.
  • Planned tenders: Now also dates in the past.
  • Qualifications: Position of the Help-buttons improved.
  • LoginRegistration button moved to the bottom.
  • Lots: Layout when creating lots has been improved.
  • Planning: The comment in the planning of the main tender is now also visible in the lots.
  • Planning: Earlier not visible phases are now also part of the planning (e.g. evaluation phases and verification phases).
  • Report manager: New column available in 'Specific call for offers' with the corresponding tender number and name of the Ongoing selection phase/Qualification system tender.
  • Report manager: Option to include archived tenders or contracts in the report.
  • Rights and roles: The right View evaluations of all evaluators was added to the role of Co-Buyer, Viewer and Approval person.
  • Specific data: New field type available: summary.
  • Tender templates: Suppliers are not included anymore, only the invitations.
  • Tender templates: When a template is available for all colleagues it will be labelled as such.
  • Compare & Select: When the system is asking to send a message and the user is closing the pop-up, there is no longer the notification that the message has been sent.
  • Question & Answer: When the buyer is asking a question themselves and makes it ready for publication it is shown only once there instead of double.
  • Question & Answer: When a question has been created by a supplier in the selection phase and is asked in the offer phase then the status of it is now also corrected in the overview.
  • Question & AnswerLayout of filters adjusted to the ones in Compare & Select.
  • Question & Answer: Option to sort improved.
  • Surveys and tender overview: The colorization functionality has been improved for the color blind. If you hover your cursor above the ball the color will be readable. 
  • Survey: There is a KO visible with all lowest scores in a multiple-choice question.
  • SurveyIn a question there are now numbers as well as bullets possible in enumerations.
  • Survey: New notification in case there are unsaved edits.
  • Survey: Improvements in the creation of a guideline for evaluators.
  • Approval & Publication: On the first page of all publication forms the Next-button is moved to the right.
  • Approval & PublicationWhen the buyer wants to rectify an F02 form of a F02 of a dynamic purchasing system the start date can now also be in the past.
  • Approval & PublicationNew version of publication forms applicable.
  • Approval & PublicationForms F05 and F06 are now automatically linked to each other.
  • Approval & Publication: A test/demo tender can no longer be published on Negometrix (this was already not possible for TenderNed/TED).

For contractmanagers and administrators

  • KPI-surveys and contract overview: The colorization functionality has been improved for the color blind. If you hover your cursor above the ball the color will be readable. 
  • New contract: The price of the awarded supplier in a tender is now copied to the contract as the contract worth.

For everyone

  • Registration page: Germany now listed in the right order in the choice of the country.

9 July 2018

This past weekend our platform was updated for the 8th time this year already. One of the most important improvements for buyers is the possibility to add and let documents expire in a currently active tender.

The possibility for lead buyers to change documents in a currently active tender.
Since this update lead buyers and company administrators are able to exchange or add documents themselves in a current active tender in the pricelist as well as in the surveys without the assistance of our servicedesk.

An expired document remains visible but will be marked as 'expired' and crossed out. In case the lead buyer applies the Question & Answer module, they will automatically be redirected to creating a notification to communicate the changes with all participants. If the Question & Answer module is not active we advise you to inform the participants about the changes right after they have been made by sending a message.

This new functionality is the same as being able to independently manage the planning, an improvement that offers the buyer and buying organization more flexibility and control. The changes are always traceable in the tender to ensure the sufficiency of the Tender summary instead of like before through the Servicedesk.

The most important improvements and new features

  • For buyers: Lead buyers and company administrators are able to exchange or add documents themselves in a current active tender. Expired documents remain visible but will be marked as 'expired' and crossed out.
  • For buyers: The layout of filters in the Question & Answer module is improved. Furthermore a chosen filter will be applied in the exported PDF or Excel.
  • For buyers: Easily copy individual remarks from the evaluating team to the summarizing comment for the suppliers. 
  • For suppliers: The start-button is now also visible in step 2 Fill-out & submit. 
  • For suppliers: The button for BCC recipients is now also visible in step 2 Fill-out & submit and step 3 Submitted.

All improvements of the release sorted by user type

For all users

  • Messages: Pick a template faster now.
  • Filters: The layout of filters has been adjusted in different parts on the platform.
  • Profile settings: A user can set his own profile to inactive or delete it within the tab 'Employees' in the organization settings.

For buyers

  • CPV-codes: At registration as a buyer the field to choose CPV-codes has been removed as well as during the invitation of a second buying organization.
  • Dossier: When a user is able to allow participants to the next phase in Compare & Select then they can also add a comment to the Tender summary.
  • Participants: Directly after adding a colleague it is now possible to adjust their rights.
  • Participants: The main contactperson of a different buying organization does not require a licence anymore.
  • Participants: New dropdown available to filter colleagues instead of scrolling through a list.
  • Participants: Removing another buying organization does not show an error anymore.
  • Tender summary: Improvements in the overview of participating suppliers.
  • Exports: New export containing the list with sent invitations.
  • Archived tenders: New column with Lead Buyer.
  • Planned tenders: Name of the lead buyer added to the export.
  • Notifications: The automatic message when a new colleague was added to a tender has been improved.
  • Pricing sheets: Lead buyer can now add the cost correction themselves throughout all tender phases.
  • Pricing sheets: The partition of the pricing sheet is improved. The pricing table is set up by the buyer through Edit settings. Price attachments and comment are managed in the foreground. 
  • Lot overview: Layout of the pop-up improved.
  • Planning: The log file with changes is improved.
  • Rights: When a user is allowed to view pricing sheets they will also see the responding price attachments.
  • Specific tender data: There is a new field type available: date field.
  • Create tender: Multiple clicks on the Create tender-button only creates one tender now.
  • Invitations: The link in the invitation to participate is now valid for 20 days.
  • Survey: The question type Evaluation without answer to question can no longer be combined with the option to allow suppliers to upload a document.
  • Question & Answer: The reference numbers in the export are aligned with the module.
  • Question & Answer: When activating Question & Answer it is also automatically activated in the lots.
  • Question & Answer: Visibility of asked questions outside the Question & Answer module limited to 3 with a 'Show more'-button.
  • Question & Answer: No pricing sheet or survey in the tender? Then no questions can be asked about it.
  • Question & Answer: In the export it is now visible which object the question is linked to.
  • Question & Answer: It is now more visible which suppliers are gonna see a public question.

For Qualificationmanagers

  • Filters: Error message solved when using filters in Compare & Select during the selection and offer verification phase.
  • Compare & Select: In an ongoing tender it is possible to edit a template after allowing or denying to the next phase.
  • Compare & Select: Sort by date of submission improved in a qualification system.

For public buyers

  • Awarding result: The summarizing comment is now also visible in case there are multiple offers.
  • Survey: New option to show the formula to suppliers.
  • Publication form: Field to populate with information why an agreement lasts longer than four years in Section III in multiple forms enlarged.

For contract administrators and managers

  • Contracts: Adding a contractmanager to a contract does not show inactive profiles anymore.
  • Contracts: In the contract export it is indicated which template has been used.
  • Contract dashboard: The standard values in the company account are applied here now as well.

For TSF-administrators

  • Tender Start Formulier: performance improved.
  • Tender Start Formulier: Forms can now be assigned to all colleagues.

For suppliers

  • Question & Answer: In the export it is now visible which object the question is linked to.
  • Question & Answer: The name of the import sheet is improved.
  • Lot overview: Layout improved of the pop-up with the overview.
  • Surveys: Speed improvements applied in order for the list to load faster.
18 May 2018

Last weekend there has been another update on our platform. Multiple improvements and new features have been added, which are sorted by user type in the release note. As an introduction the release note starts with the most important items:

The most important improvements and new feature for buyers:

  • Integration Negometrix Portal and Negometrix 3: From now on there is a new tab in My Profile “Single sign-on” where you can add login data for a Negometrix Portal account. This way a new module is added in the menu on the right, with which the user can easily switch to the Negometrix Portal. Switching back from Negometrix Portal to Negometrix 3 will also work the same way.
  • Offer verificationphase: Lead Buyer is now able to switch the offer verification phase on and off himself during a continuous tender within the tender properties in the tab tenderprocedure.
  • Tender templates: A template can now be made available for the whole company including future colleagues. So it is no longer happening by assigning single colleagues.
  • Pricelists: It is now possible to subsequently link the pricelist with the survey.

The most important improvements and new features for suppliers:

  • Tenders (Supplier) overview: The dashboard now includes the role of the user (contact person, participant or no participant).
  • Question & Answer: Possibility added to import questions via the Q&A module. The contact person within the tender is able to do this within “My Questions” in the module.
  • Question & Answer: Filter for individual questions does not require more filters anymore.

For all users:

Messages: From now on you will no longer see a countdown of the max. Number of characters while creating a new message.

Security: Automatic logout is no longer caused by an open inactive tab in your browser.

My documents: Alphabetical order of documents improved

Forgotten username: Ab jetzt empfangen Sie eine Meldung und Benachrichtigung, dass Sie keinen Account haben, wenn Sie eine unbekannte e-Mail Adresse eingeben bei 'Benutzername vergessen?' From now on you will receive a notification and a message that you do not have an account when you enter an unknown email adres in “Forgot username?”

Interface: The layout of the logout button has been improved and all the old logos within the platform replaced by the new version.

Integration Negometrix Portal and  Negometrix 3: From now on there is a new tab in My Profile “Single sign-on” where you can add login data for a Negometrix Portal account. This way a new module is added in the menu on the right, with which the user can easily switch to the Negometrix Portal. Switching back from Negometrix Portal to Negometrix 3 will also work the same way.

My Profile: The uploaded profile picture will now be stored in the user’s personal document folder instead of the company’s.

My Profile: No more unnecessary scrollbar visible.

Update-Notifications: From now on notification pop-ups regarding updates on the platform can be activated by language and user type.


For contract managers and contract administrators

Contract fields:  A field that is related to a different one will be displayed more clearly.

Dashboard:  Traffic light functionality added in the dashboard to assign status to contracts. The contract manager is able to edit this.

Dashboard: You can now sort by supplier

Dashboard:  Relocation of multiple contracts has been improved

Filters:  New filters for sorting by contract manager added

KPIs import: When a user with many different contracts wants to import a KPI survey it now works faster


For suppliers


Pricelists: Filling out pricelists now only visible when it is explicitly asked in the tender.
Pricelists: The export of the pricelist has been removed to the bottom part of the screen.
Tenders (Supplier) overview: The dashboard now includes the role of the user (contact person, participant or no participant).
Question & Answer: Possibility for suppliers added to import questions in the Q&A module.
Surveys:  The minimal/maximum worth is no longer visible when this is not applicable with the question.

For public buyers

Qualificationsystem: New status available in Compare & Select: “Pending”. This is visible for suppliers but does not block submitting.

Company: When a company states in the company profile that they’re public buyers they will also have to state which type of contracting authority they are and their main activity.

Approval & Publication: In the F03 form was a mandatory field in section 2.1.7 without a *. This has been adjusted.

Approval & Publication: Probleme mit der Berichtigung von CPV-Codes gelöst. Ab jetzt ist es nicht mehr möglich, einen CPV-Code aus einer Bekanntmachung zu entfernen, wohl aber hinzuzufügen. TED erlaubt dies nicht mehr. Problems solved with the rectification of CPV codes. From now on it is no longer possible to remove a CPV-Code from an announcement but it is possible to add them. TED does not allow it anymore.

Approval & Publication:  Share directly on Twitter has been added

Approval & Publication:  With approval for awarding a link has been made visible in the tab which redirects the user directly to Compare & Select.

Approval & Publication: The rectification of a big numver of fields is now limited to a maximum of 120.

Approval & Publication: For German public companies is now possible to first publish on TED before the tender is published in Negometrix.

For all buyers

Cancel tender: It is now possible to cancel a tender during all phases of the tender.

BCC-recipient: The save button at adding a BCC-recipient is more visible with a long list of recipients.

Exports: The ZIP export of a tender has been extended with two additional exports from the Question & Answer module.

Exports: The name of the export for suppliers including qualifications is more clear.

Planned tenders: Deleting a planned tender shows a pop-up window in which the tender number must be verified.

Logfile: Stating the deletion of a document including document title

Logfile: The history of the planning is now stating the names of self-created dates

Offer verificationphase: Lead Buyer is now able to switch the offer verification phase on and off himself during a continuous tender within the tender properties in the tab tenderprocedure

Planning: New Excel export added to the planning

Planning: The date picker only shows dates anymore when you add a phase which are in the future in regards to the start date.

Pricelists: It is now possible to subsequently link the pricelist with the survey.

Rights: There are two new rights: View evaluations of all evaluators and edit these. With these rights a colleague can view all evaluations (incl. Summarizing comment) and edit them too. Also when the evaluation is set as Evaluation required by one and the user is not the Lead Buyer.

Reportmanager:  A new column is added in the reportmanager and export overview containing the invited suppliers.

Tender name: When a longer tender name has been filled in then it will no longer cover the Help button on the right part of the screen.

Create tender: After creating a new tender the user is directly in edit mode.

Create tender:The overview of descriptions in templates when createing a new tender is improved

Tender templates: A template can now be made available for the whole company including future colleagues. So it is no longer happening by assigning single colleagues.

Tender templates: Colleagues who were removed from a company will also be removed from tender templates.

Invitations: Buyers can delete invitations when they have not been accepted yet.

Invitations: A buyer that has been invited by email to participate in a tender can be invited again.

Invitations: Sending a big amount of invitations has been expedited.

Invitations: An invitation can be sent again after a supplier has been removed.

Invitations: A buyer kan now also send an invitation to suppliers when the lot has been created at a later time. If this has not yet been done it will show in the main tender.

Compare & Select: With the weighted factor method, there is now a clearer dashboard.

Question & Answer: The filter for individual questions now also works without any additional filter.

Question & Answer: The definition during editing a public answer has been improved.

Approval & Publication: Stating the wish to apply approval will show the possibility to add an approval person immediately.

Approval & Publication: When you turn off the approval although an approval person has been added already the the person is no longer invisibly set to give approval and can be deleted as participant.

Approval & Publication: This can now be adjusted during all phases except it was created from a template.

Surveys: In case of a weighted survey the weight will be sum of the questions by default.

Just for users from the US: 

  • Solicitation Settings: New tab available 'Message Board' 
  • Message templates: Now available in English (US) as well

For evaluators

Evaluate: In case more than three questions have been asked the rest of them will be behind a Show more button.

Evaluate: The names of the suppliers can be made hidden by the Lead Buyer within the tab Evaluate (e.g. during a consensus meeting). This remains active for the pages after the activation.

Evaluate: In case a multiple choice evaluation method applies, the Save button is now more visible.

Internal comments: The texts will no longer overlap eachother when multiple comments have been placed below eachother.

View: Unnecessary scrollbar deleted.

For Tender Starting Form Administrators

Form: A direct URL is included in the form that stems from Negometrix Portal.

Approval messages: These messages can now contain an attachment.

Assign buyer: An auto-fill dropdown has been added which makes it easier to search and find the right colleague.

16 April 2018

With the update of last weekend, a lot of improvements have been made in Messages, Question & Answer, notifications and the Contract module. Further, the status of submitted offers has been improved for suppliers in their Tenders Dashboard. Finally we are happy to introduce new video tutorials regarding the digital ESPD.

Video tutorials about the digital ESPD

Are you a buyer in the public domain in Europe? A little while ago, Negometrix introduced the functionality to request the ESPD in the tender survey using the ESPD integration. The digital ESPD is available as an additional question type in the tender. Read more about the ESPD integration on our support page. For suppliers, read more about filling out an ESPD on our support page here.

Especially for this new feature, we recorded two video tutorials:

See how buyers can integrate the digital ESPD in their tender, but also how to evaluate it.

See here how suppliers are able to fill out the form online.

More info about the digital ESPD available on our support page.

This update

The most important new features and improvements

  • Invitations to suppliers with multiple colleagues in a DPS: when a supplier has multiple colleagues in his team for a DPS (and all are set as BCC recipients), all colleagues will receive the invitation for a specific call for offers from the DPS. If a colleague accepts the invitation, other colleagues can accept to add themselves to the tender. If the first colleague refuses the invitation, other colleagues are not able to accept.
  • Submission status for suppliers in their Dashboard: the submission status of an offer has been improved for suppliers. The status is now based on the state of the offer, the tender and the planning.
  • Planning from templates: when creating a tender, the set times of the dates are now according to the planning in the template.

For suppliers

  • Award result: the award result is now also visible when the company administrator is not participating in the tender.
  • Submission status: the submission status of an offer has been improved for suppliers. The status will check the status of the offer, the tender and the planning.
  • Start button: starting a new offer or adding another is now indicated 
  • Tender documents: on 1. Overview, the Tender Documents included an Upload button, that now has been removed.
  • Invitations to suppliers with multiple colleagues in a DPS:  when a supplier has multiple colleagues in his team for a DPS (and all are set as BCC recipients), all colleagues will receive the invitation for a specific call for offers from the DPS. If a colleague accepts the invite, other colleagues can accept to add themselves to the tender. If the first colleague refuses the invite, other colleagues are not able to accept.

For public buyers 

  • Exports: the recorded statement of awards can now also be exported when there is no pricing sheet or survey used.
  • Aproval & publication: the ability to publish straight to TED has been added to the forms.
  • Aproval & publication: when awarding a group of suppliers using F03 Contract award notice, the minimum number of suppliers has to be 2.
  • Aproval & publication: the date of the awarding in F03 Contract award notice can not be in the future anymore. 
  • Aproval & publication: if a tender is not published, the value of the contract should not be filled out in F03 Contract award notice 

For all buyers

  • Offers/applications: the weight of the questions is not relevant when the survey is not weighted. Hence the percentage now being hidden in offers/applications.
  • Participants: colleagues with the right to see the overview, can now see the summarising comments as well.
  • Participantsinviting a participant as a buyer and a supplier at the same time is possible, but only one of the invitations can be accepted.
  • Summarybeside the number of suppliers per phase, the total number of suppliers and their names is now visible in the overview (including ones who deleted themselves at any given point in the process)
  • Evaluating: in a tender with lots, it is now possible to evaluate per offer or choose per lot the preferred setting
  • Evaluating: assiging offers is now also possible in tenders based on an ongoing procedure. This is only possible when the evaluation method 'required by one' is used.
  • Evaluating: issues with the visibility of evaluations from previous phases have been resolved.
  • Evaluatingsummarising comments have been added to the Overview tab.
  • Planned tenders: while importing tenders, the preferred buyer can be chosen by adding their username.
  • Other options: maximum number of offers allowed per supplier raised to 20.
  • Pricing sheetwhile adding a new row, the price field always seemed to be mandatory for buyers to fill out as well, which is of course not the case. This is not shown anymore.
  • Planning: the column with the description has been widened in Quick Edit mode.
  • Planning: importing a planning with dates without times, will now give the correct format.
  • Planning: times in the planning of a template are now correctly copied to a created tender.
  • Specific tender data: mandatory fields that are not visible before filling out other fields, do not block saving the page any more.
  • Tender description in lots: the type of contract can vary per lot now.
  • Question & Answer: searching by name and title added to the tabs with questions ready for publication and published questions.

For contract administrators and managers

  • Messages: the preview of multiple messages has been improved.
  • Contract editing: all tabs have a button to jump into edit-mode straight away.
  • Contract deletion: an extra verification has been added to deleting a contract, similar to the tender module.
  • Documents: the contract number has been added to the folder tree on the left.
  • Reminders: deleting a reminder does not result into empty down menus on the same page any more. They only seemed empty, but that has been fixed.
  • Specific tender data: mandatory fields that are not visible before filling out other fields, do not block saving the page any more.

For all users

  • Messages: when a message has been sent to an email address, the address is still visible when reviewing the message in Sent Messages.
  • Messages: linking a message to a tender or contract is now an active link to go through to the tender or contract.
  • Exports: titles of files and folders has been improved in the ZIP-export
  • Notifications: notifications will not be sent to inactive profiles any more.
  • Notifications: notifications will not be sent to Messages any more regarding: added to a tender, forgotten password and username, activating profiles and the creation of draft contracts. The user will only receive these in his own mail box.

  • Languages: UK and US English are listed next to each other.

For administrators

  • Log files: it is now visible when a colleague has unsubscribed from any of the available mailings in My Profile.
  • Templates: a colleague who edits a template becomes the lead buyer in the template. The old lead buyer will be removed as long as they did not have an active role as an evaluator or approval person.
  • Report manager: a new column has been added: start date offer verification phase.

For TSF managers

  • Viewing the form: when a form has been received from Portal, viewing the form is not possible with the pencil-button. Previously, only the standard fields were visible.

26 March 2018

With the update of the past weekend, we are introducing a new rule on the contract module with which contract templates can be adjusted even smarter. The already-known visible as-rule is now more advances since multiple fields can refer to including and/or settings.

For all buyers

  • Participants: The role of the main contact person in a second buying organization is now visible in Participants
  • Messages: There is a new placeholder available for the automatic awarding communication: the awarded supplier
  • Evaluate: The Lead Buyer is able to adjust the score of an automatically evaluated question in Evaluate, now also when the view is set as per offer.

For Buyers and contract managers

  • Report manager: A shared report remains set as shared even when someone else has edited the report

For evaluators

  • Evaluate: The name of the supplier is now visible in the pop-up for filling in the scores during the evaluation

For  contract managers 

  • New rule for contract fields:  With the new Visible as (advanced)-rule there can be referred to multiple fields, inclusive and/or choice

For contract editors

  • Tasks: When a date is edited in a field that is linked to a task, the task will adjust as well

For all users

  • Documents: Choosing a tender or contract is now harmonized due to a choice at the top of the screen

12 March 2018

With this update, Negometrix introduces a completely new feature for European public buyers: the digital ESPD integration. This makes the usage of ESPD PDF-files obsolete. 

Further improvements and new features include changes in Compare & Select, Question & Answer and Specific tender data.

The most important new features and improvements:

  • Digital ESPD: Are you a buyer in the public domain in Europe? With this update, Negometrix introduces the possibility to request the ESPD trough the survey in a tender using the ESPD integration. The digital ESPD is available as a survey question in the tender. Read more about the ESPD integration on our support page. For suppliers, read more about filling out an ESPD on our support page here.
  • Specific tender data: four new field types have been added to the page: drop-down, rich text area, multiple choice and document upload. Buyers can activate the Specific tender data in their tender or template through Tender properties > Other options.
  • Daily digest emails: every user can now change its preferences for email subscriptions in their own profile. Optional subscriptions are available for Question & Answer daily digest, new submissions in ongoing procedures and verification phases, events and technical changes or updates in Negometrix.
  • Award results: the price deficit is now available for the results screen.
  • Question & Answer: filter added for filtering on supplier names.
  • Purchase requests: in the Dashboard, a new button and column have been added for assigning requests to buyers.

For every user

  • Login: forgot your username? You can now request your username by filling out your email address.
  • Location settings: new users in the UK and US will automatically be registered with the correct time zone, language and currency.

For suppliers

  • Filling out the survey: in case of a combination of Yes/No and Document Upload, the document can only be uploaded after answering the question with Yes or No.
  • Notifications: the buying organization has been added to the notification about closing tenders

For all buyers:

  • Offers/applications: new search functionality added.
  • Participants: the lead buyer can now delete other buyers from another buying organization in the tender.
  • Participants: in case a buyer invites colleagues based on their email address in a tender with lots: the preferred lots can now be selected as well.
  • Participating suppliers: new search functionality added.
  • Participating suppliers: export now includes deleted suppliers.
  • Report manager: the award price is now available as a column
  • Tender templates: the results screen is hidden by default
  • Compare & select: the price is not visible in the bar chart anymore. The graph has increased in size as well.
  • Compare & select: a maximum of 100 offers per page
  • Compare & select: in case of weighted factor method, it is easier to identify suppliers with out of range prices 
  • Compare & select: in case of value for money, an extra column is visible with the p/q index
  • Surveys: if a verification phase has been deleted (including the survey), the notification about missing verification questions will not show up anymore. 

For public buyers:

  • Exports: the recorded statement of opening and award is now also available if no pricing sheet has been used.
  • Exports: the recorded statement of opening will now also show the correct opening date and time when it is downloaded during the evaluation phase.
  • Award results: the price-quality ratio will not be visible anymore in case of Value-based awarding.
  • Publication: the apply button can now still be activated after publication through Approval & Publication

For evaluators:

  • View: choosing between viewing per offer or per question is now a setting per user instead of the whole tender.

For contract managers and administrators:

  • Manage responsibilities: a select all button added
  • Messages: when a supplier appears twice in a contract, sending a message about the contract will not include the supplier twice as a recipient anymore.
  • Reminders: automatic reminders are now directly visible after the creation of the contract.

For purchase/solicitation requests administrators:

  • Exports: the sorting of the columns has been adjusted
  • Dashboard: a new button and column have been added for assigning requests to buyers.
  • Dashboard: searching for request number added

12 February 2018

The most important new features and improvements:

  • Buyers can now import answers and suppliers can link questions to the price list and planning
  • It is no longer mandatory to indicate a specific time for self-edited dates
  • Evaluators automatically jump to the evaluation tab when opening the tender

For everyone

  • Security: diverse security improvements.
  • Design: footer with information about Negometrix removed from the main page.
  • Question & Answer: asked questions can from now on besides a specific survey question be linked to the price list and the planning

For suppliers

  • Accept invitations: when a tender is already closed, the correct status of this tender will now be shown on the accepting page
  • Fill out & submit: when the mandatory pricing sheet is missing, no 100% filled out price list will be stated
  • Company: Contacts, Qualifications, Tender templates, Public templated no longer visible in the Menu on the right side; these are intended for companies using Negometrix as buyer
  • BCC-recipientseven after changing the contact person of a tender they will remain a participant as BCC-recipient
  • CPV-notifications: within notifications for newly published tenders based on the chosen CPV-codes the buying organization will be visible

For private buyers

  • Company: when a company is set as private buyer, publication documents won't be visible in tenders

For evaluators

  • Opening a tender: when a colleague was assigned the standard role of an evaluator they will directly jump to the evaluation tab when opening the tender

For all buyers

  • Question & Answer: answers can now be imported by buyers to answer question in the Q&A
  • Exports: the recorded statement of opening of a lowest-price-tender now includes the offers in a ranking based on the lowest price
  • Exports: next to the already available PDF-version a Word-version of the export of All Evaluations is now available
  • Gunningscommunicatie: double header removed.
  • Planning: indication of time no more mandatory when adding a new date or phase

For qualification managers

  • Compare & Select: the chosen sorting will be remembered so it will still be intact the following visit
  • Daily Digest new offers: English terms in (non-English version of) the e-mail translated

For contract managers and administrators

  • Linked contracts: within the main contract the subcontracts will be shown in numerical order
  • Reminders: within a contract will be completely shown when using the 'Show-more'-button
  • Reminders: field name visible in the reminders instead of the reference name