In the Options tab you can set up one or more approvals for different actions in the tender. This activates an internal approval workflow. This article explains how you can do this.

Set approval

Click on the Options tab and choose approval.

Click Add approval.

Choose a subject.

Select a approval type.

See below for an explanation of the different approval types.

Add a possible description and / or a document. Both fields are not mandatory.

Select a colleague who is authorized to grant the approval, click Add. Repeat the action if you want to add another colleague.

Important: The colleague that you want to add must be a participant in the tender.

Optional: Select approval required from all approvals. If you do not select this approval, only one person must release.

Click Save.

Send an approval message

Approvals are not automatically notified. To inform them, go through the following steps:

Click on the Options tab and choose approval.

Select the check box after the approvals name.

Click Send Message and then Send.

approval types

An approval within a tender can be set for:

Publication of this tender

The publication form for TenderNed and / or TED can be filled in completely by the buyer. After approval, the form can actually be sent. Any additional forms can then also be sent immediately. There is no separate approval time for this. After approval it is also possible to publish the tender on Negometrix3.

Invite providers

Setting a release for Inviting Providers means that the lead buyer can prepare the invitations in the Participants tab but that the invitations cannot yet be sent. After approval, the Preview & send invitation button is displayed and the invitations can be sent.


If approval for Award is activated, the release can grant approval to one or more offers in Compare & Select. After approval, the buyer can let the approved party (s) through to award and send the award communication.

Self-defined approval

You can add an unlimited number of self-defined approvals. The system does not block any actions, as is the case with the other approval moments