In this article you can read how you can set up cost correction in a tender. 

This can be used to apply a cost correction to the submitted prices afterwards. It is possible to add a cost correction rule to the price list during every phase of the tender. 

You can use this option if, for example, there are different switching costs per supplier, and you want to charge these separately on top of the comparison price or if a provider has entered the wrong price.

Set up cost correction
A cost correction can only be arranged after a price list has been added.

  • Click on the Price Lists tab.
  • Click Change columns and settings.
  • Under Cost correction (per quotation), click Add rule.
  • Enter a name for the cost correction in the pop-up.
  • Check the checkbox to make the cost correction visible for the provider (s).
  • Click Save.

Enter cost correction

After the cost correction has been set up, this can be entered per supplier.

  • Click on the Evaluate tab and then on Evaluate price list.
  • Click on the relevant price list.
  • Select the relevant provider.
  • Click on Quick edit.
  • Enter the correction and click Save.