9 December 2019

For public buyers:

  • Exports: if there is a separate opening date of the vault, that specific date will be mentioned in the minutes of opening as the opening date of offers.


For buyers:

  • Schedule: Changing a date in the schedule of a tender leads to a new pop-up for Question & Answer. This enables the buyer to communicate the changes with all participants in the tender.
  • Exports: The new export for comparing prices in Compare & Select has been improved with a few things:
    • If two equal prices are the lowest price, both will be marked green.  
    • The total price is only calculated if this corresponds with the settings in the pricing sheet as well. 
    • If no price is filled out by the supplier, it is not regarded as the lowest price. 


For contract managers:

  • Reports: filters can now be applied including a slash sign.


For suppliers:

  • Filling out prices: if a formula has been applied to a column, the price will be calculated while the supplier types. Before, this only happened after saving first.
  • Change contact person: as long as the tender has not been archived by the buyer, suppliers can change the contact person.


For all users:

  • Messages: the columns mentioning the company and the contact person have been improved for better readability. 
  • Registration: the District of Columbia has been added to the list of states.
  • RSS feed: instead of the creation date, the end date of the first supplier phase is included in the feed.

28 October 2019

For buyers

  • Messages: support improved for special characters.
  • Message templates: the list with template types is now sort alphabetically.
  • Weighted factor method: general improvements for setting up the award method and showing the KO to suppliers.
  • Pricing sheets: a new export is available for a detailed price comparison per price row. Which supplier has the lowest bid and what was the distance to the no. 2? The export can be found in Compare & Select.
  • Randomizer: a broken icon was restored in the short list information.
  • Question & Answer: answers ready to be published can now be deleted individually or all together, using the trash-icon.
  • Approvals: approval requests can now be deleted by the lead buyer and company administrator. When the approval is added through the tender template, only company administrators can delete it. If an approval has been rejected then the lead buyer will be able to edit the approval and ask for approval again.


For contract managers

  • Framework agreements: a contract can now only be linked to an active contract. It is not possible anymore to link to sub-contracts or archived contracts. 

23 September 2019

Main improvements

  • Suppliers can now archive tenders. Previously, only the buying organisation was able to archive a tender. Suppliers are able to archive by using the Archive option on the 1. Information page on each tender.
  • Filters added to the Tenders (Supplier) page. Filters for phase and buying organisation.
  • Filters added tot the Tenders page. Filter on phase, role and chosen procedure.
  • Labels on tabs in Tenders, Intake Dashboard, Contracts and Published tenders are updated and made more consistent.
  • Selection decision. Share the decision about the selected suppliers after a selection phase via a new template message.


  • Registration: instead of automatically filling in a default time zone in the form, registering a new company leaves the choice to the user.

For buyers

  • Messages: new placeholder available for offer name
  • Messages: search now works across all messages, not just the one the user received.
  • Userroles: create user roles with company rights. Previously, these could only be created for tenders and contracts.
  • Divisions and TED/TenderNed connection number: buying companies in the Netherlands can now link connection numbers to divisions.
  • Public buyer profile: tab with ongoing procedures (DPS, Qualification systems) has been restored.
  • Selection decision. Share the decision about the selected suppliers after a selection phase via a new template message.
  • Single sign-on: overall improvements in the possibilities for single sign-on.
  • Filters added tot the Tenders page: Filter on phase, role and chosen procedure.
  • Invitations: buyers can now always able to resent invitations. 
  • Compare & select qualification system: history added for status per offer.
  • Approval: after an approval has been rejected, the user can perform changes to the approval and ask for approval again.

For suppliers

  • Suppliers can now archive tenders. Previously, only the buying organisation was able to archive a tender. Suppliers are able to archive by using the Archive option on the 1. Information page on each tender.
  • Notifications: the subscription to emails with newly published tenders can now be managed from the Procurement codes tab in Company. 
  • Pricing sheets: pricing sheets will now always open in edit mode.
  • Filters added to the Tenders (Supplier) page. Filters for phase and buying organisation.
  • Message board: the message board has been added to the supplier pages.

Intake management

  • Link between a request and a tender: issues with the link have been resolved.
  • Special characters: special characters are now allowed throughout the module.

15 July 2019 

Most important improvements:

  • Lead buyers are able to edit text in questionnaires and pricing sheets after the preparation phase. A log will keep track of all the changes.
  • The overview with tender templates has been improved. 
  • Approval & publication has been improved. There are new approval types and the publication forms have been moved to Procurement Codes. Procurement Codes has been renamed to Publication.


  • Colleagues: removing colleagues who are participating in a tender is now easier than before: the pop-up with the warning brings you to the tender.

For buyers

  • Participants: having the right to add colleagues now also includes setting up their permissions.
  • Rights: a Co-buyer is now also allowed to manage evaluators.
  • Participants: other buying organizations can now be deleted at all times
  • Report manager: Company registration number (like KVK) and the address of an awarded supplier are now available.
  • Tender Templates. The overview has been improved:
    • It is better visible when another colleague is working on the template. It is temporarily locked for other colleagues (except the company admin).
    • All other settings are combined into a new dropdown menu next to each template.
  • Questionnaires and pricing sheets: Lead buyers are now able to edit text in questionnaires and pricing sheets after the preparation phase.
    • Before this was only possible during preparation. 
    • Edits are logged and visible for buyers and suppliers. After editing, the buyers is asked to communicatie the changes using Question & Answer. 
    • Allowing buyers to do so, is a setting in Organization linked to the same setting allowing buyers to manage documents after the preparation phase.  
  • Question & Answer: if a colleague writes an answer ready for publication, the buyer receives a nice notification about it.
  • ZIP Exports: even if there are no offers submitted, the ZIP export will still be available.

For suppliers

  • Registration: workflow improved for suppliers who register for the first time through a tender:
    • After registration, Negometrix3 brings them straight to the tender.
  • Questionnaires and pricing sheets: if the buyer has made any changes to the text of the questionnaire and pricing sheet, a log will show all the changes.

13 May 2019

The theme of this update is:

  • A new location for messages.
  • The improvement of the Excel-file import of questionnaires.
  • The ability for users to create templates from tenders no longer being limited to lead buyers only.

All users


Users send and receive messages now from a new tab, available in all tenders and contracts. As a result, every message is automatically linked to the correct file.

The general message center 'Messages' in the right-hand menu will no longer be available.

All current correspondence is automatically transferred to the new tab in the linked tender or contract.


Digital ESPD: filled-out digital ESPDs are added to the ZIP file of a tender and visible in the folder of the supplier in Documents.

Evaluate: the standard view on the Evaluate tab has been changed to Per question. For tenders based on ongoing procedures this has been changed to Per offer

Evaluate: the export for all evaluations has been renewed and improved. A new export is available in case evaluations required by one is chosen as a setting for evaluating.

Rights: if a participant has the right Manage tender properties (in a tender) and Create tender templates (in Company), he can create a template out of any tender he is participating in.

Rights: if a participant does not have the right Show names of suppliers, he will also not see the names of suppliers in Question & Answer.

Rights: if a participant has the right to Manage Compare & Select, Award communication and Summary, he can add Public comments.

Report manager: the filter for categories has been improved with a clear distinction between main and sub categories.

Randomizer: a new option to notify selected suppliers.

Questionnaires: importing questionnaires from Excel files has been improved with new settings: headers, KO settings, weights, allowing document uploads, 4 question types.

Small items:

Messages: while drafting new messages, in recipients the supplier's company name is leading instead of the contact person.

Evaluate: it is now possible to edit the summarizing comments during the price evaluation phase.

Exports: the PDF export of tender properties has been added to the ZIP file.

Contract managers

Framework agreements: double contract numbers are not possible anymore.

Rights: contract managers now need the explicit right to delete contracts.

Rights: if a participant in a tender has the right Manage Compare & Select, Award communication and Summary, he can create a draft contract as well.


Exports: the export of all tenders now also includes the role of the user (contact person, participant or no participant).

Other improvements on lay-out include:

  • Improved button consistency in Question & Answer.
  • The URL in the reminder for evaluators is now clickable.
  • The preview of messages can now be enlarged.
  • The table in Planned tender is larger.
  • The description of qualifications is improved.
  • Combined bullet points with enumerations are now correctly visible in the preview as a supplier.
  • Publication forms can be filled out correctly, while waiting for the approval for publication. 
  • Alignment of several PDF exports are improved (Question and Answer, Questionnaires, Recorded statement of opening, Recorded statement of award).

US-users only

Company: option to add a State available in company addresses.

Company: Main division is removed from the name of the standard address in the Company profile.

Approval & Publication: European publication forms are removed from Approval & Publication.

Published contracts: the search functionality has been improved to search for suppliers with and with our an account.

1 April 2019

During the weekend of 30 and 31 March, Negometrix3 has been updated. A number of improvements have been implemented for buyers as well as qualification and contract managers.


  • Invitations: After a supplier removes itself following accepting an invitation to a tender/solicitation, this will now be visible in the sent invitations overview.
  • Lots: The activation and deactivation of lots is now blocked after the preparation phase.
  • Messages: The explanation of some placeholders has been improved.
  • Public company profile: You can now sort by contract value.
  • Questionnaires: After removing a verification phase from a tender/solicitation, the corresponding notifications in the questionnaire are no longer shown.
  • Translations: Planning is now 'Schedule', Survey is now 'Questionnaire'. Both are more consistent for buyers and suppliers.

Qualification managers

  • Awarding communication: The order of the summarizing comment in the awarding communication in an ongoing tender is the same as in the questionnaire.
  • Invitations: Archived tenders are no longer shown while inviting suppliers.

Contract managers

  • Contracts: Users that are able to view contracts now also see the reminders.

18 February 2019

Last weekend there was an update on the Negometrix3 platform. The most important improvements are in the Commodity Codes, Message Center, notifications, and message templates. Additionally, a number of small items are improved for all users, buyers, and contract managers. 

NIGP commodity codes (US users only)

  • CPV codes have been changed to NIGP codes: All previously selected CPV codes for users in the US have been removed.
  • New tab Commodity Codes in company profile and solicitation: The tab CPV codes has been changed to Commodity Codes. Users in the US are now able to add NIGP Codes to their company profile (as a supplier) or solicitation (as a buyer).

Suppliers: Add NIGP Codes to your company profile (US users only)
Suppliers should update their company profile in order to receive free notifications about published solicitations on the Negometrix3 platform. This will also make it possible for buyers to find suppliers by commodity code.

New Look to the Message Center

  • New design when composing messages: The look and feel for writing messages have been improved. It is now a lot cleaner. You can now easily add a template when composing a message.
  • New design for email notifications: email notifications are now aligned with the style guide of Negometrix.
  • New right to manage templates: Managing message templates for the organization is now a separate right. Previously, only managers could do this. 
  • Improved Template Management: You can now manage all your templates from the "Templates" tab in the right hand menu. It is a new page that includes both tender/solicitation templates and contract templates. 

Further Improvements

All Users

  • Overall: improvements in all search, filter and sort functionalities throughout the entire platform.


  • Documents: Files that the buyer uploads in "Documents" can now be deleted during the preparation.
  • European Publication Forms: European publication forms F04 and F16 now also contain an option for market consultations.
  • Planning: The Excel export is improved.
  • Tender/Solicitation Description: The description tab in a tender/solicitation can now be changed by both the buyer and the co-buyer. 
  • Surveys: order of an enumeration in rich text fields are improved. 
  • Compare & Select: column with release in Compare & Select is only visible when applicable. 
  • Negometrix in the United States: For users in the United States, AM / PM entry has been added to the planning as well as new NIGP codes. 

Contract Manager

  • Dashboard: The removal of multiple contracts have been improved.
  • Contract Fields: URL field improved.