The Question & Answer module in Negometrix3 offers the possibility to integrate the Information Notice in your tender. The Question & Answer module can be used as a Dynamic Information Notice, but questions can also be collected up to a certain date and then answered in one go.

Have you received a question from a buyer? Then read the instruction Question & answer (colleague with assigned question) here.

Activate Question & Answer module.

In your tender go to the Options tab and click on Other options.
Click on Change and check the ''Activate Question & Answer'' module.
Click Save.
After saving, the Question & Answer tab appears.

Set the rules.

You can set up “Rules” during the preparation of the tender. By creating these rules you can explain how, or under which conditions, suppliers can make questions and comments known. These rules become visible to the suppliers as soon as they are linked to your tender and the tender is in the selection or, tender phase.

Click the ''Create Rules'' button in the Question & Answer tab.
Enter the desired rules in the pop-up in the text field.
Below the text field you have three extra options that you can tick. These are explained below.
Click Save.

Allow individual questions.

With this option you give suppliers the option to submit a question with the request to answer it individually. The reason for this may be that the public answering a question can harm the economic interests of the company concerned. The suppliers can send a reason why this question is asked individually.

Allow background information.

The supplier can tick the background information option when asking the question. This background information can help you to understand the question (statement) better and therefore to answer the question better. When publishing the question and the answer, this background information is not visible to other suppliers in the tender.

Allow general questions.

This option is checked by default. If you uncheck this option, suppliers must link their question to the Planning, Price List or a question from the Questionnaire. This option gives the possibility for suppliers to ask a General question.

Here how you can use the Question & Answer module.