During the weekend of 30 and 31 March, Negometrix3 has been updated. A number of improvements have been implemented for buyers as well as qualification and contract managers.


  • Invitations: After a supplier removes itself following accepting an invitation to a tender/solicitation, this will now be visible in the sent invitations overview.
  • Lots: The activation and deactivation of lots is now blocked after the preparation phase.
  • Messages: The explanation of some placeholders has been improved.
  • Public company profile: You can now sort by contract value.
  • Questionnaires: After removing a verification phase from a tender/solicitation, the corresponding notifications in the questionnaire are no longer shown.
  • Translations: Planning is now 'Schedule', Survey is now 'Questionnaire'. Both are more consistent for buyers and suppliers.

Qualification managers

  • Awarding communication: The order of the summarizing comment in the awarding communication in an ongoing tender is the same as in the questionnaire.
  • Invitations: Archived tenders are no longer shown while inviting suppliers.

Contract managers

  • Contracts: Users that are able to view contracts now also see the reminders.