Within Negometrix3 you can collaborate with different colleagues. 

Log in to the platform of Negometrix3.

Navigate in the right menu to Organization.

Click Edit and edit the following details, for example:

Name of your organization.

The organization administrators or main contact person.

You will find a progress bar under your organization logo. This does not have to be 100% in order to participate in a tender.


In this tab you manage your address data. It is possible to include multiple locations in this.

Navigate in the right menu to Organization and open the Locations tab.

Click Add Location to add the address of another location.

You can change an address by clicking Edit. Make the change and save it.


The organization administrator can create profiles for colleagues. 

Click on the colleagues tab, on the bottom lefthand corner you can clock on add colleagues, you now can fill out the contact details of your colleague(s). Your colleague(s) will now receive an acvation email. 

The organization administrator can also change and delete account profiles. 

CPV / Procurement codes

By setting these codes you can make your organization visable  for buyers and you are notified about relevant tender publications.