Last weekend there was an update on the Negometrix3 platform. The most important improvements are in the Commodity Codes, Message Center, notifications, and message templates. Additionally, a number of small items are improved for all users, buyers, and contract managers. 

NIGP commodity codes (US users only)

  • CPV codes have been changed to NIGP codes: All previously selected CPV codes for users in the US have been removed.
  • New tab Commodity Codes in company profile and solicitation: The tab CPV codes has been changed to Commodity Codes. Users in the US are now able to add NIGP Codes to their company profile (as a supplier) or solicitation (as a buyer).

Suppliers: Add NIGP Codes to your company profile (US users only)
Suppliers should update their company profile in order to receive free notifications about published solicitations on the Negometrix3 platform. This will also make it possible for buyers to find suppliers by commodity code.

New Look to the Message Center

  • New design when composing messages: The look and feel for writing messages have been improved. It is now a lot cleaner. You can now easily add a template when composing a message.
  • New design for email notifications: email notifications are now aligned with the style guide of Negometrix.
  • New right to manage templates: Managing message templates for the organization is now a separate right. Previously, only managers could do this. 
  • Improved Template Management: You can now manage all your templates from the "Templates" tab in the right hand menu. It is a new page that includes both tender/solicitation templates and contract templates. 

Further Improvements

All Users

  • Overall: improvements in all search, filter and sort functionalities throughout the entire platform.


  • Documents: Files that the buyer uploads in "Documents" can now be deleted during the preparation.
  • European Publication Forms: European publication forms F04 and F16 now also contain an option for market consultations.
  • Planning: The Excel export is improved.
  • Tender/Solicitation Description: The description tab in a tender/solicitation can now be changed by both the buyer and the co-buyer. 
  • Surveys: order of an enumeration in rich text fields are improved. 
  • Compare & Select: column with release in Compare & Select is only visible when applicable. 
  • Negometrix in the United States: For users in the United States, AM / PM entry has been added to the planning as well as new NIGP codes. 

Contract Manager

  • DashboardThe removal of multiple contracts have been improved.
  • Contract Fields: URL field improved.