This past weekend there has been another update on Negometrix3. The focus this time was mostly on small improvements and solving issues. Below the items are sorted by user type.

For all users:

  • Registration: The registration form for new companies on Negometrix3 has been renewed. 
  • Messages: From now on messages can be linkes to lots again.

For suppliers:

  • Published tenders: Problems with the country filter have been solved.

For buyers:

  • Messages: In the preview of invitations the problems have been solved where the subject was shown in different languages.
  • Documents: Problems solved where a buyer could not delete a document uploaded by a different colleague.
  • Exports: The export of all colleagues now includes the rights per colleague.
  • Exports: There are two new fields in the report manager (contract ID and contract status).
  • Evaluate: It is now possible to mark the motivation for a scoring as mandatory for evaluators (per question).
  • Planning: Problems solved where double dates appeared in a planned tender. 
  • Planning: Phases of a procedure are now correctly shown as a phase in edit mode.
  • Planning: Problems solved where the order of the phases was not shown correctly,
  • Cancel tender: When a tender is cancelled the tender summary will appear directly.
  • Compare & Select: New icons for locking and unlocking in the verification phase.
  • Approval & Publication: Problems with the approval of multiple people solved.