Over the past weekend there has been another update on the Negometrix3 platform. The most important changes are the visibility of the version number as well as the new filter on the page for published tenders. Furthermore there have been numerous small improvements. In this release note all items are sorted by type of user.

Introduction name and logo Negometrix3
The platform that you know and use as Negometrix now has a version number: Negometrix3.
You will notice that number on different spots in the software behind the familiar notifications that you receive.
The introduction of this addition to the name Negometrix improves the identification of the product for you as a user in regards to the current and future range of products that Negometrix offers.
Negometrix3 is the third version of the software since its establishment in the year 2000.

The most important items:

  • Published tenders overview: A new filter lets users in the Netherlands only see tenders from the Netherlands and Germany. 
  • Market consultation in F01 form (buyers): There is a new field added for the market consultation. After publication the Participate button can easily be activated. For suppliers this is also easier to find on e.g. TenderNed.
  • Question & Answer (buyers): A few improvements in the filters, the deletion of multiple answers in 'Ready for publication' and the daily digest regarding changes in drafted answers of colleagues.

All improvements in this release sorted by user type:

For all users

  • Messages: Problems with double-clicks on the send button have been solved.
  • Messages: Problems with the deletion of documents in draft messages have been solved.
  • CPV-codes: Typo in one of the codes has been adjusted.
  • Documents: It is now possible to upload multiple documents at once.
  • Exports: Problems solved where the language of the export was not the same as set in the profile of user.
  • Interface: Auto-complete dropdown-fields are replaced with a new version.
  • Interface: Problems with the info button at different spots in the software have been solved.
  • Negometrix3: Branding added in the software.
  • Planning: A phase in the planning can now also have the same date, only the time must differ (beginning and ending).
  • Profiel: Has a profile been blocked because of too many failed login attempts? The user now receives an email to reactivate the profile.
  • Surveys: E-mail addresses in the text are now active to click on.

For buyers

  • Manage evaluators: When the buyer wants to delete an evaluator, there's now a warning showing up that the evaluations of the user will be deleted as well.
  • Messages: Problems with sending messages to non-public profiles have been solved.
  • CPV-codes: The right to set these up has been removed. The tab has already been removed from the company profil in the past.
  • Participants: When a lead buyer adds another buying organization the screen will automatically redirect them to setting the rights of the user.
  • Documents: In a qualification system the folder is not called offer phase but selection phase.
  • Evaluate: When someone evaluates anonymously per offer the offer ID is visible.
  • Evaluate: Error notifications are resolved for viewing the evaluations of the selection phase.
  • Evaluate: Problems with deleting documents in the summarizing comment have been solved. 
  • Evaluate: Problems with the visibility of the save-button have been solved.
  • Exports: Price of the awarded company is now always shown in the export of the tender overview. Except when there is more than one pricelist.
  • Exports: Registry number of participants added to participating suppliers in the Excel-export.
  • Archived tenders: Sorting by lead buyer is possible again.
  • Interface: The save and edit button is placed more consistently throughout the platform. 
  • Qualifications: Text now is always the same color, with or without explanation.
  • Lots: When a main tender is leading during the selection phase it is no longer possible to to create a survey or pricelist for the selectionphase in the lots.
  • Planning: In planned tenders the problems with double dates have been solved.
  • Planning:  A phase can now easier be converted into a date and vice versa.
  • Pricelists: It is now allowed to use an apostrophe in the title.
  • Procedure: The price evaluation phase is now no longer available as an option in regards to a qualification system.
  • Procedure: View and edit modus are now the same.
  • Reportmanger: Filters now also work with decimals.
  • Reportmanger: Problems solved with combining filters with the option for archived tenders and contracts checkbox.
  • Reportmanger: Two new fields: start date offer phase and publication date on Negometrix.
  • Template from tender: The deselection of buying colleagues no longer leads to instant saving of the template.
  • Templates: Inactive and deleted colleagues are now no longer visible in the overview of assigned colleagues.
  • Templates: Assignment of colleagues works now with an auto-complete instead of a checkbox.
  • Templates: Assign colleagues to question groups is now possible.
  • Templates: Assign colleagues now always in alphabetical order (surname).
  •  Invitations and messages for awarding decisions: Subject of the mail is now visible and editable in the preview.
  • Compare & Select qualification system: An empty digital ESPD is now shown clearer.
  • Compare & Select: Template messages are now available for approving and rejecting in the verification phase.
  • Compare & Select: Problems solves with prices 0.01 and no prices.
  • Question & Answer: When a colleague edits a concept answer this will be part of the Daily Digest of the Lead Buyer.
  • Question & Answer: It is now possible to delete multiple questions 'Ready for publication' at once.
  • Question & AnswerStatus: Filter expanded with Ready for publication.
  • Question & Answer: Problems with visibility of new questions solved.
  • Question & AnswerWhen two colleagues in one tender are allowed to publish questions it now no longer relevant who marked the question as ready for publication. Both can edit and publish the question.
  • Surveys: Search and replace now works also in the comments.

For public buyers

  • F01 form: A mandatory field that wasn't mandatory now is shown as such.
  • F01 form: There is a new field for a market consultation.
  • Publicationform: Language choice is now available in all forms.
  • Publicationform:A semicolon (;) is now no longer allowed in the title.
  • Publicationform: The PDF export is now only possible to be made from the last version of publication forms.
  • Export: Problems solved regarding the content of the purchasing policy.

For contract managers

  • Contracts: When there's a combination of visible-as and mandatory field, there is no longer a validation error. 
  • Contracts: During the creation of a contract there is not automatically a template chosen.
  • Reminders: Inactive profiles are no longer shown during the editing. 
  • Interface: Deleting multiple contracts at the same time now comes with a progress bar.
  • Frame contracts: Double contract numbers are no longer possible.
  • Templates: The contract manger can now change the order of the templates.

For Tender Start Form managers

  • Messages: The cancelling and choosing a template sometimes did not work, these issues have been solved.
  • Create tender: When a user is allowed to view a form and create tenders, the user can do this now from the form itself.
  • Overview: The order of the start forms is now always with the latest at the top.
  • Workflow: Linking a form to a tender is now also possible from the tender. The Lead Buyer who does this has to be assigned the purchasing request.

For suppliers

  • Administrators: When an administrator wants to start in a tender with filling out the survey, they can also in this way become participant in the tender.
  • Export: New export for exporting all tenders.
  • Information: Euro sign exchanged with a new icon.
  • Published tenders: A new filter shows to users in the Netherlands only tenders in the Netherlands and Germany anymore. The filters can be adjusted by the user in saved in the profile.
  • KO status: weergave verbeterd in de interface. View improved in the interface.
  • Profile: A redundant choice in the notification settings has been removed.