There are different system phases available in Negometrix3. Below is an overview of those phases with a brief explanation. One of these phases will apply in your tender based on the chosen procedure in the Procedure tab in Options.

Basic phases.

Preparation phase.

In this phase you, as a buyer, set up the tender. Multiple options, such as changing the price and questionnaires, are no longer available after the preparation phase has been completed in the planning.

Publication phase.

In this phase you, as a buyer can edit the information in the tender. The suppliers can see the tender on the published tender page, but can not access the tender.

Offer phase.

In this phase, providers can sign up and complete their offer. They now have the option of completing the questionnaires and / or price lists and submitting them before the end date of the offer phase.

Evaluation phase.

In this phase, the submissions of the various participants are evaluated. After completing the evaluations, the parties that go to the next phase can be selected in the Compare and Select tab.

Award phase.

During this phase, only the awarded party / parties will be selected in the Compare & Select tab and forwarded to the Awarding phase. These parties are then shown as awarded party (s) in the Award communication tab.

Extra phases.

Selection phase.

With a selection phase you select a number of suitable participants for the offer phase that starts after this phase. This can be seen as a pre-selection, for example, a restricted tender. After the selection phase, the registrations received must be evaluated and supporting documents may be verified if necessary. The desired providers are then selected who are allowed to proceed to the subsequent offer phase.

Opening safe (possible after both selection and offer phase)

By setting a separate opening of the safe, the visibility of the received registrations does not coincide with the end of a selection or offer phase. The submissions received, are only visible after the date of opening the safe and can be transferred to the evaluation phase.

Verification phase (possible after both selection and offer phase)

This phase can be applied to request any supporting documents. Read here how a verification phase is set up.

Price evaluation phase.

By applying a price evaluation phase, it is possible to assess the quality and price separately within the platform. No one, not even the Lead buyer, will have access to the submitted prices during the Evaluation phase. It only becomes visible once the Price evaluation phase has started. Read here how this phase can be set.

BAFO phase (Best And Final Offer)

During the BAFO phase, suppliers have the option of one final submission (resubmit the price and / or answer (part of) the questionnaire again). Read here how this phase can be set.