In this phase you determine which parts of the tender must be answered and submitted again by the tenderers.

Set BAFO phase

Open the Options tab, select Procedure and click Change.

Activate the Apply BAFO option (Best and Final Offer adjustment after the Offer phase).

Confirm your action by clicking Save.


The BAFO phase can only be activated in a locked procedure after the offer phase.

Set up questionnaires and price lists in the BAFO phase

Negometrix3 offers both the possibility to copy questionnaires and price lists to the BAFO phase and to create new ones.

Copy questionnaire to BAFO phase

After completing the offer Phase, it becomes possible to copy the questionnaire from that phase with corresponding answers from providers to the BAFO phase.

Go to the Questionnaires tab.

Click the Copy to BAFO button behind each questionnaire that you want to copy.

Below the phase there is the button Manage BAFO questions. In that screen you can indicate which questions must be answered again by providers during the BAFO phase.

Copy price list to BAFO phase

Go to the Price Lists tab.

Click the Copy to BAFO button behind each price list that you want to copy.


For example, it is possible to only copy the price list to the BAFO phase. Go through the above steps for the price list only.

It is also possible to link a price list from the BAFO phase to a questionnaire from the offer phase. You can use this if you only want to request a new price from suppliers. Copy the price list from the offer phase to the BAFO phase as described above. Link this price list to the original questionnaire from the quotation phase to include the assessments.

Create a new questionnaire and price list

If you decide to create a new questionnaire for the BAFO phase, providers must complete all questions. No answers will be copied if the above option is not used.

The suppliers that may participate in the BAFO phase must be admitted to the BAFO phase in Compare & Select during the evaluation phase.

If you transfer the parties to the BAFO phase during the evaluation phase, the content of this phase will be immediately visible to providers. This means that they can view the questionnaire and / or the price list. It is not yet possible for them to actually answer this. This is possible from the moment the BAFO phase has started according to the planning.