Last weekend, Negometrix was updated. A number of improvements and new items have been added, which are sorted by user type in this Release Note. 

As introduction the most important items:

  • Evaluate: In the overview of the evaluators' progress you as the lead buyer can send a reminder to your evaluators to notify them that they can begin with their evaluation.
  • Planning: There are now phases visible in the planning that weren't before. That is the preparation (hidden for suppliers) and evaluation phase (Selection, Offer as well as BAFO-phase). Furthermore verification phases got an ending date in the planning. Before that these dates were only visible in the yellow bar above the tender.
  • Specific data: There is a new field available to build your own data fields: the enumeration.

For suppliers 

  • Start-buttonWhen an admin wants to start filling out the survey they can directly add themselves as participant in the tender.

For Buyers

  • Inviting suppliers: Issues solved for accepting an invitation sent to an email address if this had also received an (already expired) invitation in the profile.
  • Securtiy: Miscellaneous improvements in the background.
  • CPV-CodesNew partition of main and sub-CPV-Codes which will also be copied as such in the publication form.
  • Participants: Unless they are an admin a contact person of a second buying organisation cannot add colleagues if they do not have the right to.
  • Evaluate: In the evaluation by offer the column with score is now no longer visible when there is a survey without weighting. 
  • EvaluateIn the tab Evaluate quality the offers are now in alphabetical order except for anonymous offers and when it concerns an ongoing selection phase or qualification system. 
  • EvaluateSend a reminder to evaluators so they can begin with the evaluations.
  • Exports: The submission date and time have been added to the export of all qualifications.
  • Exports: It is visible in the export of planned tenders when one has not been published in the end.
  • Archived tenders: now also visible in the public company profile
  • Archived tenders: In the overview it is indicated when it was just a test tender.
  • Planned tenders: Now also dates in the past.
  • Qualifications: Position of the Help-buttons improved.
  • LoginRegistration button moved to the bottom.
  • Lots: Layout when creating lots has been improved.
  • Planning: The comment in the planning of the main tender is now also visible in the lots.
  • Planning: Earlier not visible phases are now also part of the planning (e.g. evaluation phases and verification phases).
  • Report manager: New column available in 'Specific call for offers' with the corresponding tender number and name of the Ongoing selection phase/Qualification system tender.
  • Report manager: Option to include archived tenders or contracts in the report.
  • Rights and roles: The right View evaluations of all evaluators was added to the role of Co-Buyer, Viewer and Approval person.
  • Specific data: New field type available: summary.
  • Tender templates: Suppliers are not included anymore, only the invitations.
  • Tender templates: When a template is available for all colleagues it will be labelled as such.
  • Compare & Select: When the system is asking to send a message and the user is closing the pop-up, there is no longer the notification that the message has been sent.
  • Question & Answer: When the buyer is asking a question themselves and makes it ready for publication it is shown only once there instead of double.
  • Question & Answer: When a question has been created by a supplier in the selection phase and is asked in the offer phase then the status of it is now also corrected in the overview.
  • Question & AnswerLayout of filters adjusted to the ones in Compare & Select.
  • Question & Answer: Option to sort improved.
  • Surveys and tender overview: The colorization functionality has been improved for the color blind. If you hover your cursor above the ball the color will be readable. 
  • Survey: There is a KO visible with all lowest scores in a multiple-choice question.
  • SurveyIn a question there are now numbers as well as bullets possible in enumerations.
  • Survey: New notification in case there are unsaved edits.
  • Survey: Improvements in the creation of a guideline for evaluators.
  • Approval & Publication: On the first page of all publication forms the Next-button is moved to the right.
  • Approval & PublicationWhen the buyer wants to rectify an F02 form of a F02 of a dynamic purchasing system the start date can now also be in the past.
  • Approval & PublicationNew version of publication forms applicable.
  • Approval & PublicationForms F05 and F06 are now automatically linked to each other.
  • Approval & Publication: A test/demo tender can no longer be published on Negometrix (this was already not possible for TenderNed/TED).

For contractmanagers and administrators

  • KPI-surveys and contract overview: The colorization functionality has been improved for the color blind. If you hover your cursor above the ball the color will be readable. 
  • New contract: The price of the awarded supplier in a tender is now copied to the contract as the contract worth.

For everyone

  • Registration page: Germany now listed in the right order in the choice of the country.