This past weekend our platform was updated for the 8th time this year already. One of the most important improvements for buyers is the possibility to add and let documents expire in a currently active tender.

The possibility for lead buyers to change documents in a currently active tender.
Since this update lead buyers and company administrators are able to exchange or add documents themselves in a current active tender in the pricelist as well as in the surveys without the assistance of our servicedesk.

An expired document remains visible but will be marked as 'expired' and crossed out. In case the lead buyer applies the Question & Answer module, they will automatically be redirected to creating a notification to communicate the changes with all participants. If the Question & Answer module is not active we advise you to inform the participants about the changes right after they have been made by sending a message.

This new functionality is the same as being able to independently manage the planning, an improvement that offers the buyer and buying organization more flexibility and control. The changes are always traceable in the tender to ensure the sufficiency of the Tender summary instead of like before through the Servicedesk.

The most important improvements and new features

  • For buyers: Lead buyers and company administrators are able to exchange or add documents themselves in a current active tender. Expired documents remain visible but will be marked as 'expired' and crossed out.
  • For buyers: The layout of filters in the Question & Answer module is improved. Furthermore a chosen filter will be applied in the exported PDF or Excel.
  • For buyers: Easily copy individual remarks from the evaluating team to the summarizing comment for the suppliers. 
  • For suppliers: The start-button is now also visible in step 2 Fill-out & submit. 
  • For suppliers: The button for BCC recipients is now also visible in step 2 Fill-out & submit and step 3 Submitted.

All improvements of the release sorted by user type

For all users

  • Messages: Pick a template faster now.
  • Filters: The layout of filters has been adjusted in different parts on the platform.
  • Profile settings: A user can set his own profile to inactive or delete it within the tab 'Employees' in the organization settings.

For buyers

  • CPV-codes: At registration as a buyer the field to choose CPV-codes has been removed as well as during the invitation of a second buying organization.
  • Dossier: When a user is able to allow participants to the next phase in Compare & Select then they can also add a comment to the Tender summary.
  • Participants: Directly after adding a colleague it is now possible to adjust their rights.
  • Participants: The main contactperson of a different buying organization does not require a licence anymore.
  • Participants: New dropdown available to filter colleagues instead of scrolling through a list.
  • Participants: Removing another buying organization does not show an error anymore.
  • Tender summary: Improvements in the overview of participating suppliers.
  • Exports: New export containing the list with sent invitations.
  • Archived tenders: New column with Lead Buyer.
  • Planned tenders: Name of the lead buyer added to the export.
  • Notifications: The automatic message when a new colleague was added to a tender has been improved.
  • Pricing sheets: Lead buyer can now add the cost correction themselves throughout all tender phases.
  • Pricing sheets: The partition of the pricing sheet is improved. The pricing table is set up by the buyer through Edit settings. Price attachments and comment are managed in the foreground. 
  • Lot overview: Layout of the pop-up improved.
  • Planning: The log file with changes is improved.
  • Rights: When a user is allowed to view pricing sheets they will also see the responding price attachments.
  • Specific tender data: There is a new field type available: date field.
  • Create tender: Multiple clicks on the Create tender-button only creates one tender now.
  • Invitations: The link in the invitation to participate is now valid for 20 days.
  • Survey: The question type Evaluation without answer to question can no longer be combined with the option to allow suppliers to upload a document.
  • Question & Answer: The reference numbers in the export are aligned with the module.
  • Question & Answer: When activating Question & Answer it is also automatically activated in the lots.
  • Question & Answer: Visibility of asked questions outside the Question & Answer module limited to 3 with a 'Show more'-button.
  • Question & Answer: No pricing sheet or survey in the tender? Then no questions can be asked about it.
  • Question & Answer: In the export it is now visible which object the question is linked to.
  • Question & Answer: It is now more visible which suppliers are gonna see a public question.

For Qualificationmanagers

  • Filters: Error message solved when using filters in Compare & Select during the selection and offer verification phase.
  • Compare & Select: In an ongoing tender it is possible to edit a template after allowing or denying to the next phase.
  • Compare & Select: Sort by date of submission improved in a qualification system.

For public buyers

  • Awarding result: The summarizing comment is now also visible in case there are multiple offers.
  • Survey: New option to show the formula to suppliers.
  • Publication form: Field to populate with information why an agreement lasts longer than four years in Section III in multiple forms enlarged.

For contract administrators and managers

  • Contracts: Adding a contractmanager to a contract does not show inactive profiles anymore.
  • Contracts: In the contract export it is indicated which template has been used.
  • Contract dashboard: The standard values in the company account are applied here now as well.

For TSF-administrators

  • Tender Start Formulier: performance improved.
  • Tender Start Formulier: Forms can now be assigned to all colleagues.

For suppliers

  • Question & Answer: In the export it is now visible which object the question is linked to.
  • Question & Answer: The name of the import sheet is improved.
  • Lot overview: Layout improved of the pop-up with the overview.
  • Surveys: Speed improvements applied in order for the list to load faster.