The AVG entered into force in Europe from 25 May 2018.

Below you will find answers to some important questions regarding the AVG.

These are of a general nature and apply to all Negometrix solutions.

Is Negometrix ready for the AVG?

Yes, Negometrix meets the AVG guidelines.

Are the personal data stored in Negometrix solutions shared with others?

Negometrix never shares personal information with others.

Has Negometrix taken technical measures to guarantee the safety of personal data?

Negometrix has taken all technical measures that are necessary for the protection of personal data, in accordance with the applicable standards.

Does Negometrix have a Processor Agreement that applies to our organization?

Yes, you can find it on the Negometrix website, click here.

Can Negometrix remove personal data from software solutions?

That is possible. However, only the person who manages the Negometrix account of an organization can submit a request for deletion of personal data. This person is the representative of the controller. If a person / individual (Data Subject named in the AVG) wants to be removed, the representative (manager / admin) of the organization account must be contacted for this.

Note: If you have participated in tenders, keep in mind that your account, and therefore your personal data, cannot be deleted due to legal archiving principles.

Does Negometrix also process 'Special' personal data?

Negometrix is not designed with the idea that special personal data will be processed.

The Negometrix platform is suitable for processing 'normal personal data' of its users and is not specifically suitable for processing special personal data.

Special personal data are (https://www.autoriteit data/what-bees-personal data):

religion or belief;
political preference;
sexual life;
membership of a trade union;
criminal history;

How does Negometrix handle personal data in the event that a Dynamic Purchase System is set up?
Negometrix's policy and advice to Customers, in the case of a DAS, is not to request special information. It is our Customers' responsibility to determine which (personal) data is requested.

Can Negometrix remove personal data from a tender?
Our customers own the contents of a tender and are responsible for the processing of personal data. Negometrix can only investigate whether data can be removed from a tender at the request of the representative of the controller. This must be done through a written request via

Has Negometrix ever had to deal with a data breach of personal data?