With the update of the past weekend, we are introducing a new rule on the contract module with which contract templates can be adjusted even smarter. The already-known visible as-rule is now more advances since multiple fields can refer to including and/or settings.

For all buyers

  • Participants: The role of the main contact person in a second buying organization is now visible in Participants
  • Messages: There is a new placeholder available for the automatic awarding communication: the awarded supplier
  • Evaluate: The Lead Buyer is able to adjust the score of an automatically evaluated question in Evaluate, now also when the view is set as per offer.

For Buyers and contract managers

  • Report manager: A shared report remains set as shared even when someone else has edited the report

For evaluators

  • Evaluate: The name of the supplier is now visible in the pop-up for filling in the scores during the evaluation

For  contract managers 

  • New rule for contract fields:¬† With the new Visible as (advanced)-rule there can be referred to multiple fields, inclusive and/or choice

For contract editors

  • Tasks: When a date is edited in a field that is linked to a task, the task will adjust as well

For all users

  • Documents: Choosing a tender or contract is now harmonized due to a choice at the top of the screen