It is possible to use a raffle for further inquiries from a qualification system. A raffle determines which providers may participate in this further request.

Set shortlist.

In the Tenders tab, click on Create Tender and select the desired qualification and Tender has a further inquiry from.
Click Create Tender.
In the Options tab, go to Procedure and check the option under Use shortlist.
Click Save.
In the Participants tab, go to Invite providers and click on the ''Create Shortlist'' button.
Select the number of participants in the pop-up and then choose the Selection method. The different options are explained below.


The ready-made invitations in the Participants, Invite providers tab are the providers that are approved for the relevant qualification from the chosen Dynamic Purchasing System
Selection methods.

You can choose from four different selection methods in the shortlist.

Completely Random raffle .

The system performs a random raffle on all participants that have been selected. The Lead Buyer has no influence whatsoever on the outcome.

Weighted raffle .

The system carries out a raffle whereby the Lead Buyer can give a weight per participant. The higher the weight, the greater the chance that the participant will be drawn.

Manual (pre) selection with random raffle .

The system allows the Lead Buyer to definitively raffle in part of the participants, the remaining participants will be randomly drawn. The Lead buyer has no influence on the latter part. This method can be used, for example, when a part of the participants is selected on the basis of past performance.

Manual (pre) selection with weighted 
raffle .

The system enables the Lead Buyer to definitively raffle in part of the participants and give the other part a weight, which increases their chance of drawing lots.

Start the raffle .

A raffle draw is irreversible.

After you have started a selection method, click on Start. A warning appears that you are about to make the shortlist definitive.
Click Yes, continue to start the draw.
After the draw has started you can see which providers have participated in the tender, Click Save & Exit.
The providers have automatically become participants. Click the ''Inform providers'' button to send a message to the providers.