Where in the past you were confronted with an interactive PDF-document that was only editable within Adobe Reader, the ESPD is now completely integrated within the Negometrix software. This article will lay out in simple steps how this document must be filled out.

Are you a buyer and need to know how to apply the form in your tender? Then please click here.

View the video tutorial here:

1. Open the questionnaire in the tender

2. Click through to the question group and find the question with the digitial ESPD

3. Click "Add" where you will immediately forwarded to a new tab with the European Single Procurement Document

4. The buying organization has set up the document for you to fill out; add the required information:

5. Follow the steps to the Finish and Save. Check in the overview all indicated information in the form.

6. By Saving the content will be saved in the form and you will be redirected to Negometrix. You have finalized the form. In case you need to fill out additional forms as part of a cooperation click Add and fill out an extra digital ESPD and repeat per cooperation member.

How you can add them to the offer can be found on this page.

7. Click Interim save (or Save group and go to next) to save your answer to the question

EXTRA: In case the buyer requests the digital ESPD with a standard signature then you will have to upload the document separately. Download the form after you have completed the 6 steps. Print out the file and sign it. Afterwards upload the signed file in the corresponding question in the questionnaire. Tip: That will be a different question than the one you have started the ESPD from.