With this update, Negometrix introduces a completely new feature for European public buyers: the digital ESPD integration. This makes the usage of ESPD PDF-files obsolete. 

Further improvements and new features include changes in Compare & Select, Question & Answer and Specific tender data.

The most important new features and improvements:

  • Digital ESPD: Are you a buyer in the public domain in Europe? With this update, Negometrix introduces the possibility to request the ESPD trough the survey in a tender using the ESPD integration. The digital ESPD is available as a survey question in the tender. Read more about the ESPD integration on our support page. For suppliers, read more about filling out an ESPD on our support page here.
  • Specific tender data: four new field types have been added to the page: drop-down, rich text area, multiple choice and document upload. Buyers can activate the Specific tender data in their tender or template through Tender properties > Other options.
  • Daily digest emails: every user can now change its preferences for email subscriptions in their own profile. Optional subscriptions are available for Question & Answer daily digest, new submissions in ongoing procedures and verification phases, events and technical changes or updates in Negometrix.
  • Award results: the price deficit is now available for the results screen.
  • Question & Answer: filter added for filtering on supplier names.
  • Purchase requests: in the Dashboard, a new button and column have been added for assigning requests to buyers.

For every user

  • Login: forgot your username? You can now request your username by filling out your email address.
  • Location settings: new users in the UK and US will automatically be registered with the correct time zone, language and currency.

For suppliers

  • Filling out the survey: in case of a combination of Yes/No and Document Upload, the document can only be uploaded after answering the question with Yes or No.
  • Notifications: the buying organization has been added to the notification about closing tenders

For all buyers:

  • Offers/applications: new search functionality added.
  • Participants: the lead buyer can now delete other buyers from another buying organization in the tender.
  • Participants: in case a buyer invites colleagues based on their email address in a tender with lots: the preferred lots can now be selected as well.
  • Participating suppliers: new search functionality added.
  • Participating suppliers: export now includes deleted suppliers.
  • Report manager: the award price is now available as a column
  • Tender templates: the results screen is hidden by default
  • Compare & select: the price is not visible in the bar chart anymore. The graph has increased in size as well.
  • Compare & select: a maximum of 100 offers per page
  • Compare & select: in case of weighted factor method, it is easier to identify suppliers with out of range prices 
  • Compare & select: in case of value for money, an extra column is visible with the p/q index
  • Surveys: if a verification phase has been deleted (including the survey), the notification about missing verification questions will not show up anymore. 

For public buyers:

  • Exports: the recorded statement of opening and award is now also available if no pricing sheet has been used.
  • Exports: the recorded statement of opening will now also show the correct opening date and time when it is downloaded during the evaluation phase.
  • Award results: the price-quality ratio will not be visible anymore in case of Value-based awarding.
  • Publication: the apply button can now still be activated after publication through Approval & Publication

For evaluators:

  • View: choosing between viewing per offer or per question is now a setting per user instead of the whole tender.

For contract managers and administrators:

  • Manage responsibilities: a select all button added
  • Messages: when a supplier appears twice in a contract, sending a message about the contract will not include the supplier twice as a recipient anymore.
  • Reminders: automatic reminders are now directly visible after the creation of the contract.

For purchase/solicitation requests administrators:

  • Exports: the sorting of the columns has been adjusted
  • Dashboard: a new button and column have been added for assigning requests to buyers.
  • Dashboard: searching for request number added