The most important new features and improvements:

  • Buyers can now import answers and suppliers can link questions to the price list and planning
  • It is no longer mandatory to indicate a specific time for self-edited dates
  • Evaluators automatically jump to the evaluation tab when opening the tender

For everyone

  • Security: diverse security improvements.
  • Design: footer with information about Negometrix removed from the main page.
  • Question & Answer: asked questions can from now on besides a specific survey question be linked to the price list and the planning

For suppliers

  • Accept invitations: when a tender is already closed, the correct status of this tender will now be shown on the accepting page
  • Fill out & submit: when the mandatory pricing sheet is missing, no 100% filled out price list will be stated
  • Company: Contacts, Qualifications, Tender templates, Public templated no longer visible in the Menu on the right side; these are intended for companies using Negometrix as buyer
  • BCC-recipientseven after changing the contact person of a tender they will remain a participant as BCC-recipient
  • CPV-notifications: within notifications for newly published tenders based on the chosen CPV-codes the buying organization will be visible

For private buyers

  • Company: when a company is set as private buyer, publication documents won't be visible in tenders

For evaluators

  • Opening a tender: when a colleague was assigned the standard role of an evaluator they will directly jump to the evaluation tab when opening the tender

For all buyers

  • Question & Answer: answers can now be imported by buyers to answer question in the Q&A
  • Exports: the recorded statement of opening of a lowest-price-tender now includes the offers in a ranking based on the lowest price
  • Exports: next to the already available PDF-version a Word-version of the export of All Evaluations is now available
  • Gunningscommunicatie: double header removed.
  • Planning: indication of time no more mandatory when adding a new date or phase

For qualification managers

  • Compare & Select: the chosen sorting will be remembered so it will still be intact the following visit
  • Daily Digest new offers: English terms in (non-English version of) the e-mail translated

For contract managers and administrators

  • Linked contracts: within the main contract the subcontracts will be shown in numerical order
  • Reminders: within a contract will be completely shown when using the 'Show-more'-button
  • Reminders: field name visible in the reminders instead of the reference name