How documents can be retrieved in Negometrix may differ per tender.

Usually you are guided through a tender by the questionnaire(s) posted by the buyer. Using these questionnaire(s) the buying organizations shares its requirements and criteria and poses all relevant questions. Before the process was digitized you might have expected a document describing the tender and the way of working, but using Negometrix this is no longer a static or .pdf file. Using these questionnaire(s) however the buyer might attach documents to its listed requirements/ questions for you to fill out or to support its writing. 

Documents attached to questions in the questionnaire(s) can be easily downloaded by clicking on them.  

1. Information

On the first tab of the tender, 1 > Information, below the 'Short Description' and the 'Contact details' of the buying organization, you find different buttons such as 'Schedule', 'Question & Answer', 'Tender Properties' and 'Documents'.

'Documents' contains all attachments uploaded to the tender. By selecting them all you can download all documents at once.

The 'Questionnaire(s)' button will guide you through the tender.  You will read what the buyer expects you to do. In fact this is the complete Request for Tender as you know it. However you are not able to populate your answers here yet, as this is done under tab 2 > Fill out & submit. 

'Price lists (Read-Only)' contains all information about filling in a price and uploading a price attachment or price sheet.

'Scheduleshows which milestones know the tender and until, for example, you have to submit.

To start filling in the questionnaire, price list and uploading of documents, click the blue 'Start' button.

2. Fill out & submit

Here you find the questionnaire(s) describing the content of the tender, including all attachments. Answering the requirements, wishes and uploading documents to your offer is done under this tab. 

If you want to export the questionnaire(s) and Price list(s), click: Export Price-list(s) and questionnaire(s) with answers as ZIP-file