In Negometrix3 you can easily import questions into the questionnaire from Excel. 

In the Excel file you can select multiple types of questions and assign weights in advance.

Import questionnaire from Excel

  • In your tender, go to the Questionnaires tab and click the Import button.
  • Download the Import file and open it with Microsoft Excel.
  • Enter a new question title, question setting (question text) and possibly header in every line. 
  • At column KO you choose whether the question contains a knock-out. In the Question type column you can select the type of question.
  • When you enter a new name of a question group in a new line, the subsequent questions will be imported into this new question group.
  • If you choose the type of question Open question, the maximum number of characters is set to 4000 characters. You can adjust this later in Negometrix3.
  • Save the completed Import file on your PC. The name of the file will be the name of the questionnaire in Negometrix3.
  • Go back to Negometrix3 and click Import in Questionnaires.
  • In Negometrix3, select the phase in which the questionnaire must be answered under Available during and then click Select file and select the file on your PC.
  • Then click on the Validate button. The system now shows whether the validation is correct, or which rules in the Excel file still need to be adjusted.
  • When the validation is complete, click Import.
  • The questionnaire has been added as a new questionnaire in your tender in Negometrix3.

    If you choose the type of question Document evaluation and Open question, the evaluation method in Negometrix3 is automatically set to Yes / No. You can adjust the evaluation method to the relevant question in Negometrix3.

    When you assign a weight to a question or multiple questions in the Excel file, the questionnaire in Negometrix3 will automatically select the Utility Index as the award formula. In Negometrix3 you have to click on Settings behind the questionnaire to set the price-quality ratio or to choose a different award formula.

    The type of questions Multiple choice, Value and Table cannot be imported with the Excel file.