EMVI score = (Q / P) * X
Q = Quality in%
P = Price in €
X = constant

This formula determines the ranking based on the quality score (between 0 and 100%) divided by the offer price.

The result indicates how much quality is offered per euro: the more quality, the better. Because the result (without added constant) can become a very small number, it is possible to multiply this value with a constant. The advice is to give this constant the size of the expected offer prices. The offer with the highest result wins.

The methodology is very similar to the Utility Index (namely quality / price). With the Utility index, however, it is also possible to enter a price and quality weighting, while this formula assumes that price and quality always weigh the same (50/50).

Because the result shows how much value (value) an offer for a euro (money) offers and in addition value and money weigh equally, this formula is called the Value for money 50/50 index.