Ranking based on percentage in questionnaire results in a ranking within Compare & Select where only the points achieved in the questionnaire are considered.

This makes it possible to score everything within the questionnaire (award criteria, but also price) and only to determine the ranking of the tenders received based on this.

You can still choose whether to use the Price Lists tab.

Option 1. Do not use price lists.

You do not need to use a price list (in Price lists). In Compare & Select, therefore, no price is visible in the ranking. You can also request the price via Questionnaires. There you take an extra question to ask the providers for a price. Preferably do this by means of a Document Evaluation. The provider uploads his price in a document (for example a price sheet) and as a buyer you evaluate this document. The assessment then determines the number of points for the prize.

Suppose you have a price / quality ratio of 30/70 in the tender. You then divide 70 points among the various quality requirements in the questionnaire, just as with any other formula. You assign the remaining 30 points to the question in the questionnaire that requests the price from the supplier through a document. Your assessment of that question during the evaluation phase then determines how many points the supplier receives for the price of the maximum 30 points to be determined. The assessment on the other award criteria of your assessment team then determine the part of the remaining 70 points.

Structure of the questionnaire:
1.1 General requirements
1.1.1 General requirement 1
1.1.2 etc.
1.2. Award criteria.
1.2.1 Award criterion 1 (Weight = 20)
1.2.2 Award criterion 2 (Weight = 25)
1.2.3 Award criterion 3 (Weight = 25)
1.2.4 Price (Weight = 30)

Question details (settings)
Document evaluation.
Evaluation method: Value.
Min: 0
Max: 30

During the Evaluation phase you then determine how many points the provider receives for the price element between 0 and 30.

The provider can then determine a maximum of 70 points on three other award criteria (20 + 25 + 25).

Please note: since you request the price via a question in the questionnaire, you cannot prevent the review team from viewing the price with the rights as Participants. It receives its functionality from the Price lists tab, which you do not use with this formula. Via Manage evaluators, choose which questions the assessment team should evaluate and turn off the right to see Applications / Enrollments for the assessors via Participants> Colleagues.

Option 2. Use price lists anyway.

If you still want to use the price lists, you still apply the above method in Questionnaires, but ask the provider to fill in the price and price supplement as with other formulas in Price lists.

By then linking the questionnaire and the price list, you can still see the price coming back in Compare & Select.

In the questionnaire you do not choose Document Evaluation (as described under 1) for the price, but Evaluation without answer to this question. The provider does not have to upload a price supplement in the questionnaire (after all, it does this in Price lists), but you can determine the number of points for the price in the questionnaire here.