There are two ways you can get access to a tender:

  1. Published tenders: navigate to the ‘Published Tenders’ page using your menu on the right and find the tender. You can use the search bar at the upper right part of your screen to enter the name of the buying organization, the tender registration number on our platform (if known) or the title of the published tender. By clicking on the name of the tender you are guided to the information page of this specific tender. If this is indeed the tender you are looking for, then click the ‘Participate’ button below the explanation. Now the tender is added to the list of tenders you participate in, which you can acces under the 'Tenders (Supplier)’ page in your menu on the right.

  2. Private tenders: in some cases (e.g. a private procurement procedure) the tender is not publicly published or the 'Participate' button is not shown. In this case the buyer will have to personally invite you as a participant in its tender. In order for the buyer to invite you he'll need the registered name of your organization on Negometrix and the name of the contactperson within your organization that you would like to be invited for this tender.

    When the buyer has invited you for the tender, you will first have to accept the invitation. The invitation link is personal, so if you try to open a link that was addressed to someone else (a colleague), an error message will pop up in your screen. Once you have accepted the invitation, the tender will be added to the list of tenders you are participating in. You can access this list by clicking on 'Tenders (Supplier)' in the menu on the right.

Within a tender

Under the 'Tenders (Supplier)' page (click in the menu on the right) you find all the tenders that you are participating in. If you want to open a tender you simply click on the name of the tender. You can now access all information about the tender, the questionnaires, the price-list(s) and the documents. 

Add colleagues to a tender
You can only add a colleague to a tender when he/ she has a profile on Negometrix under your organization.
In order to add colleagues to your organization account on Negometrix, click on 'Company' in the menu on your right and navigate to the third tab: 'Employees'.  A list of all colleagues under your company profile is shown. By clicking 'Add new' at the lower right part of your screen you will be able to add a new colleague to your company. Make sure you tick the box: 'Public Profile' if you want to add him to a tender later.

Once someone is listed as a colleague under your Company profile you can add him as a colleague to a specific tender:
Go tender your 'Tenders (Supplier)' page, click on the name of the tender you want to add your colleague to click on the 'Add colleague / colleague overview' button at the lower left part of your screen. You can now select from the (Public profile) colleagues within your organization. 

Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV) codes
Registrating your company on Negometrix, you can link to one or more CPV codes. CPV stands for common procurement vocabulary and the codes represent all possible branche, good or service. By associating your organization with a CPV code, you indicate what products or services you deliver. This way, your organization can be found by buyers using Negometrix so they can invite your for their tenders. In addition, you will be notified of all published new tenders with corresponding CPV codes. To edit, add or delete the CPV-codes assigned to your company profile, you go to 'Company' (menu on the right) and navigate to the third tab 'Supplier CPV Codes'. You can either scroll through the complete list of CPV codes clicking on 'Complet CPV codes list' or search for CPV codes under the 'Find CPV Codes' tab.