Two envelope principle

On the 'Tender Properties' page, under the 'Procedure Type' tab you will find the the option to activating the price evaluation phase behind the 'Edit' button (provided a locked procedure is used).

Activating this extra phase, will allow for the so called Two-envelope principle. During the regular Offer phase vendors will populate and submit their offers for your evaluation. Normally you would get access to their complete offers during the Evaluation phase (which follows right after the Offer phase). Introducing the Price-evaluation phase however will split the evaluation process. First you will have to evaluate the quality during the Evaluation phase. Only once quality has been scored, you can open the 'second envelope'  and get access to the quoted prices of your vendors during the Price-evaluation phase. The Price-evaluation phase will thus always start after the evaluation phase. 

The principle here is that Price and Quality are in another vault/ envelope and the Qualitative assessment must be done before Prices can be evaluated. Until the qualitative assessment is complete, prices are not insightful not even for the Lead Buyer. During the price evaluation phase, the assessment given in the Evaluation phase can no longer be amended.

Simply deny colleagues the right to view prices (no two-envelope principle)

If you do not want to evaluate according to the two-enveloppe principle, but you just want to restrict your evaluation team from viewing prices, then you can simply configure their user rights under the 'Partcipants' page, under 'Employees' in the third column. Here you can adjust the user-rights of your colleagues and consequently deny them the right to 'View offered prices'. This enables you as a Leadbuyer to view prices to check whether they have been received in the right order, but your colleagues will not be biased in their evaluations because of prices they have seen.  

The colleagues from whom you deny this right will not be able to see any prices in this case, so you don't need to activate a separate price evaluation phase.