Cancel Tender

Canceling a tender is usually the last action. First of all, you inform all vendors about the cancellation of the procedure and, if the tender has been published on TED/ TenderNed, you have withdraw the publication.

If you want to cancel or stop the tender, this option can be found on the Tender Properties page in the Procedure Type tab.
By clicking the 'Edit' button below, the link: 'Cancel tender' will be shown .
By clicking the link, your Tender will get the status 'Canceled' and will be archived.
The time of your cancellation will be registered right behind the link in date and time.

Not awarding and cancelling a Published Tender

If you decided not to award a Published tender and want to cancel the procedure, you take the following steps:

  1. Create a 'Contract Award Notice' under Tender Properties > Approval & Publication
  2. Fill-out the form. Under Section V, you indicate that the Assignment is not awarded and you formulate the reasons.
  3. Publish the form.
  4. Navigate through "Tender Properties" to "Procedure Type" and click the "Edit" button.
  5. Click the link 'Cancel Tender'
  6. The tender is now Cancelled and automatically archived.

Note: In a Locked Procedure, it is no longer possible to change the Type of Procedure during the Award phase. You can then archive the tender through 'Tender Properties' and the 'Archiveer Tender' tab.

Tender already canceled?

Have you canceled the Tender already and you wish to undo it?
Go back to 'Tender Options' and then 'Procedure Type' tab. There you can choose 'undo Cancellation', behind the Edit button.