Within the tab 'Tender Properties', you navigate to the Approval & Publication tab, whilst the Tender finds itself still in the preparation phase. Now click the 'Edit' button and tick the box 'Ask for approval' to indicate that you want to use approval persons for specific actions in this Tender. Ticking the 'Ask for approval' box gives you the option to 'Add' an approval person for one of three future actions: 

- Publication of the Tender
- Invite suppliers

- Award communication

Clicking the Add button, you first select the colleague (manager?) you want to set as an approval person and indicate what action this person has to approve.
Your colleague/manager does not receive a notification, so please check with him or her in time to verify your tender. 

I am not able to select my desired colleague?
Selecting an approval person requires that your colleague has already been added as a colleague to your tender. 

To do so, navigate to the 'Participants' tab to add your colleague to the tender. Assign your colleague with the sufficient user rights so he will be able to approve your actions. 

I am not able to edit the Approval & Publication tab?

In order to edit the Approval & Publication tab, the tender has to be in its 'Preparation' phase. If your Tender has already been published or suppliers are invited to start populating their offers, then you first have to edit the schedule and move back to the preparation phase. You are now able to edit again. When you have completed your changes, amend the schedule again and move back the phase your Tender was in.