You are a vendor/supplier in a tender and you want to give your colleague access to help you populating the offer.

Navigate to the tender by clicking on 'Tenders (Supplier)' in the menu on the right and subsequently click on the name of the tender you want to add your colleague to. The tender page will be opened. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the 'Add colleague / colleague overview' button. In the pop-up window you are presented with, you will see a drop-down menu in which you can select colleagues to add to the tender.

My colleague does not appear on the list?
If your colleague does not appear in the drop-down menu he might not have his own profile on Negometrix yet. If you have the right to add profiles to your company within Negometrix, the option 'Create colleague-account and add to tender' will be available next to the above mentioned drop-down menu. Fill-out this form and your colleague will receive an email to activate his profile and create a password.

A colleague you add here is automatically set as a BCC recipient of all messages you receive. This means they will always receive a copy of your received messages related to this tender.

You will however remain responsible for the submission of your offer. In Negometrix only the main contact person can submit the offer.
In the 'Add colleague / colleague overview'  you can also appoint another colleague as the main contact person. The main contact person is the one visible to the buying organization and is responsible for submitting the offer.