As a LeadBuyer you are able to set the user-rights of your colleagues within a tender. This way you determine to what extent they are allowed to assist in building the tender, evaluating vendor’s quotes or assisting in answering vendor’s questions under Question & Answer.  

Clicking on the Participants tab you’ll first encounter the overview of your buying colleagues. This might be solely your own organization, but also additional organizations that join you in this project.  

Setting user-rights for buying colleagues is a right that is entitled to the (licensed) Leadbuyer of the tender. One can always see who the Leadbuyer is, as he is displayed as ‘Contact person’ person of the tender on the participants tab.

As a lead buyer, you can add colleagues (from your own organization) by clicking the small link: ‘Add’ in the right column. In addition, you can click on the link ‘Employees’ in that same column. Once you open the ‘Employees’ page you are shown an overview of all colleagues from your organization participating in this tender. Per colleague an overview of their assigned user-rights is presented with either a red cross (not entitled) or a green check mark (entitled).

Some rights have an additional blue or gray icon in the description. This means that this right comes with a Negometrix license. A blue icon indicates that the colleague has the license and can be assigned the right, whereas a gray icon means that your colleague does not have a license (or it is expired) and you cannot assign that right.