In Negometrix an unlimited number of colleagues can get granted access to your tenders or contracts. You can create a personal account four your colleagues, provided that you have sufficient user-rights within your organization to do so. Your Company administrator is always entitled to create new accounts for colleagues. 

Go to 'Company' (menu on the right) and choose the third tab 'Employees'

Here you will find an overview of all colleagues within your organization registered on Negometrix.

You can use the search bar to verify whether your colleague already has an account.

If your colleague has no profile yet, you can click the 'Add new' button at the lower right part of the overview.

After populating his/her First Name, Last Name, Phone Number and E-mail address, your newly added colleague will immediately receive an activation email. This allows the user to activate his/her profile and set a password.

If your colleague can not immediately activate his account, you will be able to directly link his or her profile directly to tenders or contracts. Account activation is not required for this purpose.

I used the wrong e-mail adress

Did you accidentally use a wrong email address when creating the profile? Then follow the steps below to activate the profile and enable your colleague to enter a password.

1. Click 'Edit' behind the profile in your colleague overview and enter the right email address (and username).

2. Go to

3. Click Login and choose Forgot Password.

4. Enter the email address / username here

5. Copy the code to validate you are not a computer and click 'Submit'

6. Your colleague will receive the activation email to activate his account and set a password.

What does Profile not activated mean?

The profile has not been activated by your colleague yet. After creating the profile, the user receives an activation email to activate his own profile and set a password. Have you used the right email adress?

Has the e-mail been redirected to the Spam inbox? You can send a new activation email at any time by following the same steps as above (I used the wrong e-mail adress) starting from Step 2.

Do you want to transfer the management of the organization and / or contact person to your colleague? Read here how you can transfer that.

Does your colleague already have a profile under another organization? Read here what you could do then.