A Clarification Notice regarding the tender can be shared using the "Question & Answer" module. This module can be accessed by you as a vendor in two ways:

Tab 1 'Information'
The first option to ask questions within a tender can be found under tab 1 Information by clicking on 'Question & Answer' at the lower left part of your screen.

Tab 2 'Fill in and submit'
If you already started populating your offer and you are working under the second tab: 'Fill out & submit', you have the option under each listed criteria in the questionnaire to click 'Pose a question to the buyer'. Additionally there is a link to the Question & Answer module at the upper right part of your screen.

Asking a question
The moment you have opened the "Question & Answer" module, a pop-up window will appear where the Q&A rules are explained. 

By clicking the 'Pose a question' button, you can choose whether you want to ask a general question, or whether your question is related to a specific criteria in the questionnaire. 

If you indicate your question is related to one of the criteria listed by the buyer (Link to question from questionnaire list), Schedule or Pricing Sheet, you are provided with the option to select that specific criterion: 'select question'.

If you select the option 'Pose this question private', you indicate to the buyer that you would like te answered individually. You can select this option if posing a question publicly may harm the interests of your organization. This option is only available if the buyer decided it is allowed to ask private questions. 

By selecting the "Add Background Information to Question" option, an additional text field will appear where you can add additional background information. This background information can serve to let your question (or statement) be better understood by the buyer, increasing the probability of a clear answer. This background information will not be visible for other vendors in the tender. 

Ultimately formulate your question/ comment, possibly add an attachment, and click the 'Preview & Send' button.

Clarification Notice
The Clarification Notice is provided by publishing answers to the questions asked by vendors. Under "My Questions" you can retrieve the answers to the questions you (or a colleague) have asked using this module. This includes answers to the individually asked questions. Under "Published Questions and Answers", you will see the entire Clarification Notice (answers to all questions posed by vendors) that is visible to all participants in the tender. By clicking 'Expand all' or by using the export option at the bottom of the page, you are given an overview of all published questions and answers.

For questions about the procedure or operation of the platform, please contact the Negometrix Service Desk.
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E-mail: servicedesk@negometrix.com