This guide will help you with the awarding process in Negometrix. When all the suppliers have submitted an offer, the evaluators can evaluate the submitted offers in Negometrix. Once all the offers have been evaluated you can enter the award phase. In this phase you determine the communication that is released regarding who has won the contract and who has not.

Step 1: Login

Log-in with your username and password

Step 2: Choose the right tender

When you have logged in, you can click on the button “My Buyer Tenders” in the main menu on the right side of your screen. Here you see an overview of all the tenders that you are participating in. In the screenshot below you see an example of the screen. Here you can click on the title of the relevant tender.

Step 3: The “Awarding communication” tab

At the end of the evaluation phase, as the lead buyer you are required to select a supplier who will be awarded the contract. Go to the tab “Compare & Select” to view all the evaluated suppliers with their ranking. In this tab you can select the supplier that is awarded the contract and allow this supplier to the awarding phase. When the awarding phase starts two more tabs will be visible in the top of your screen called “Awarding communication” and “Tender summary”.

Is you click on the tab “Awarding Communication”, A new page appears where you can find a yellow text box with the following message: “Awarding communication is visible when the tender is in verification phase or award phase.” The results are normally not visible in this phase.
You can make them visible by clicking on the button “Make Visible” at the end of the yellow text box.

Under the yellow text box, you see the button “Results screen”. In this page you can decide whichinformation of the tender you want to make visible for the supplier participants and other users inthe Negometrix system. The system creates a report for you, which you can adjust by clicking on thebutton “Edit”. After finalizing your settings, you can click on the button “Save”.

Step 4: Preview & Communication

Next to the tab “Results screen” you see the tab “Preview & Communication”. When you open this tab, a list with all the suppliers will appear. Through the button “Preview as supplier”, you are able to see what the supplier will see on the result screen. When the awarding communication is set, you can send the suppliers a message with the preliminary award or final award.

Step 5: Preliminary awarding

On the right side of the screen, you can click on the button “Select all” to select all the suppliers at once. Next you can click on the button “Preliminary awarding” below in your screen. If you clicked the button “Preliminary awarding”, a preview of the messages that are send to the suppliers will appear on your screen. The message will be a standard template with the information if the supplier is awarded or not.

At the bottom of the pop-up screen in the example below you see that there are two messages,because there are two suppliers selected in this example.
By clicking on the button “Next” you can see what’s in the message for the other supplier(s).

When you click on the button “Send”, the message will be send to both suppliers. This message will be sent through Negometrix. The supplier will receive a notification in through their personal e-mail.This notification refers to the message which is ready in “My Messages” in the main menu of Negometrix.

Step 6: The “Tender summary” tab

The tab “Tender summary” contains information of the tender, like filled pricing sheets, schedule, evaluation etc. At the bottom of the page, on the right side, you see the button “Add remarks”.With this button you can add comments to complete the information for your own archive. It is also possible to export a zip-export from this tab.

When all the information in the Tender summary is complete, you can make a printout. On the left side at the bottom of the screen you see the button “Make a zip export from the tender”. This way you can save all the information of the tender on your hard drive or in the archive system of your company. You can select which elements of the tender you wish to be included in the export.