Fictional score = Pi - Qi

Pi = Price of the offer

Qi = Quality of the offer (in €)

With the "Award for Value" formula, an arithmetic cost benefit is assigned to the score of the respondent's response to weighted wishes. The offer with the lowest fictional score (in €) is the winner.

During the preparation of the quotation request, the weight of each specific wish is determined in the form of a monetary amount.

An example

The total registration price of Provider A is € 80,000.

Sub-award criterion 2.1.4. has been assigned a total value of € 2,500

A) Fully satisfactory (100%) (€ 2,500)

B) Partially satisfactory (60%) (€ 1,500)

C) Not satisfactory (0%) (€ 0)

Depending on the assessment of the offer, the amount depends on the registration fee. If the contracting authority assesses that the answer is partially satisfactory (B), € 1,500 is deducted from the total bid price.

€ 80,000 - € 1,500 = € 78,500

In practice there are several award criteria, each of which is deducted separately from the total bid price.